Thursday, July 17, 2008

Past, Present, Future

These 3 words often reminds me of what I am today. I like to say that failing one of the subjects can be a lesson to me to study even harder. It was because of my past that I failed my mandarin subject in form 3 that caused me to have this believe that I should or maybe lose something to learn something.

At the present, I realized that this is only the belief and I have a choice to whether to score better grades or to either failed it, and to retake and do it all over again. Why do twice when now you have the chance, you have the time to decide what do you want for your future?

I always see myself sitting in the Lamborghini in the future, but then again, from where I am now, I do not see how to get there but I only know that I will get there. By observing the news and history, people only learn when something big hit them.

And for instance, the Japanese stand strong after world war II because something big hit them. Must we learn from our mistakes and not to make no mistakes? Why does the world only think that they have the only right opinion and they can't accept other people's opinion?

Yes, you might say that you have acknowledge the other people's opinion, have you? Or are you just listening to what you want to hear? Notice that sometimes when you're friends or family members talk to you you will either say "ar" or "later la". What would the other person think of you.


Talk about the present. People often complain of what others can't do well. For instance you see that it is the wrong way to teach a child in the family. So, why don't you walk up to them and tell them or be in their shoes and do it your way rather than complaining that much about it?

Complaining about other people's wrong doings are just another way of blaming and procrastinating. Try to blend in your ideas, and make the world a better place. Winners or Losers? There weren't any in this world. Our main and very 1st motive in this world is to survive.

Live one life seeing other people suffering, but why not giving your hand to those who need it?

Live one life gossiping about other people's stuff?

Live one life making fun about other people?


I have these little children in my family, and indeed, they're going to grow up much or less the same like their parents. The children are the best mirrors you have in your life. Think, a small little comment won't hurt much to a little kid. But just imagine what would the kid think when he or she is growing up.

Those memories are being stucked with them forever in their life. Do good to other people and do not expect any returns. In this life, people feel great when they have someone treasure them.


Good day and Goodnight People
Love your family, Love your friends, Love your world.

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NicholasZx said...

Ya, what you've said is truth.we are the on who destine our future~
think and hope doesn't make sense~we couldn't manage to achieve our goal if we didn't take any action just by sitting there and wait.. procrastinate will only make you delay the time which you managed to achieve the goal that you've set from the beginning. change our own belief instead of changing the others, change people belief doesn't make sense at all, in fact , we are wasting time
sometimes listen to the others advices will gain some experience that we've never got before~忠言逆耳^^
we all have grown~^^our vision has changed, changed to more mature~

Cheers bro,for our goal~

Brother 6