Friday, July 11, 2008

Pik Chik Morning

Imagine you having an agreement and not keeping to it. Well, I might have one broken agreement this morning, but thanks to my mom and dad, they made me keep it. Which at the moment I did keep to my agreement.

Why is my title pik chik morning, so it starts like that. Wednesday evening, I was having dinner in PJ. I was having a great mood that day actually cause I get to play mahjong later that night. After having dinner, my uncle walked towards me and asked if I could give him a lift from pj to menara axis because he will be leaving for Singapore that morning.

Having a happy mood, I agreed to give him a ride la.


Friday morning 3am. Before sleeping I checked my schedule on my hand phone calendar. And that I remember I have an agreement with my uncle. Then again I realize that I was not sleeping in PJ on Thursday night. I was in Cheras. I told myself, argh~ screw it lar. Impossible my uncle will be so unreasonable to still want me to come all the way down from Cheras to PJ just to give him a 5 minute ride to Axis right?

So, I think to myself, finally I can have some goodnight rest. No worries and No appointments after all.

Peace and Serenity


My morningmare begins at 7am Friday morning, which is, an hour ago from where I was blogging right now. 1st, my dad opens the door, and bamb, the lock at the door slams my morning and scares the hell out of my morning. And the next thing I notice he starts to nag me. The 3rd thing was that my Mom was on the phone calling from PJ.

So, one at the door and one on the phone. Now imagine my pik chik face. Okay, and then I was like, come on lar, I'm in Cheras now, are you guys really expecting me to go and pick my uncle up? and just to send him to menara axis? Isn't there anyone that is more capable of doing so and we do have manpower in PJ right now right?

Their reply was:"Who ask you to make that agreement? If you can't do it, don't make it!@#$%^&()" And then all the words was like, leave me alone la please, come on)(*&^%$#
And it goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on. It's like it's taking forever for them to stop nagging in the morning. (Which I realized it was only a 5 minute conversation between my parents and my sleep)


I am aware of all my doings, and I acknowledge that I speed up to PJ just to stop the nags from within my head. One on the phone and one next to you. It was the most pik chik morning that I ever had in my life ever since form 3.


So now, calming down myself. I am happy that I have my parents. They were always right and of course, keeping to an agreement does make me feel more responsible.

Good day, and Good morning.

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