Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Boring Words (Contructing)


The night where I will not forget. The nominations of the chicken wing kings and watermelon kings are crowned this very night. LOL. As if... So 3 of us, thought that, what can 30 chicken wings do to us, even Kam and Way suggested that we had some other kind of solid food which of course I also suggested that we shall just have chicken wings for the evening. Okay. So yeah, chicken wings.

Those were the smiles of the evening.


Well, although I really had a things with the wings now, but I'm sure it does sure taste really delicious that night. Those smoked and barbecued wings, flavoured with butter and honey. The burnt parts of the wings that you will eat those char siew kinda style of wings. That delicious and yet so smooth skin that reaches your toungue. It was really superb.


And yes, 30 wings finished. 30 wings that should feed 22 people were finished on Tuesday evening. But the evening didn't just end like that. It went on with wine which my grandfather asked me to have one bottle.


We finished the RM15 watermelon Way bought on saturday night, 20 people finished the top half, while 3 of us finished the bottom half. When Way sees watermelon now he has a little tiny winy phobia. LOL. I mean alot of phobia towards the word watermelon.



As I was saying, we went for karaokae. I mean I really like redbox now as the design, their music, their sound system are really satisfying. Compared to neway? Neway gave me that echo san san dei kind of feel. YinMei dulan their service because the guy in redbox was like deaf when she is talking to him.

Never mind that, we later went for oyster bisua, Taiwan light food. I had pork braised, which is my all time favourite. While waiting for the movie "GetSmart" we went for daytona. The movie was definitely hilarious from the start till the end. A must watch.



Outing with my primary school friends in Maison. Well, my 1st time there seriously. The environment and the music is not bad. And that is another reason for the place to be super sardined on a thursday evening ladies night. My friend Eaven while I'm holding a plastic cup that there's alcohol in it.

I mean, I hardly get to go clubs with these 2 fellas. And again I mean this is the 1st official time that the 3 of us were in a club? Cool~ LOL

Way and YinMei. Way's always making that lansi look.

Had a great night out. ^^



The process of producing one of MS's birthday present.

So yeap, a little sneak preview of what's inside that photo album.



Night out with Crystal Low. ^^



Regina posing for Carlsberg. =)

The lamers were kinda stress with baloons that night. LOL.



I was given a complimentary foot massage on this day. The view in Jaya 33 true fitness, pool side view was definitely making the day even more relaxing.


Goodday and goodnight people

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