Monday, June 30, 2008



Well, woke up late today because of Thursday's night out in Maison. Met some old friends in the club, Wei Sun, Aik Wei, Boon Tat. Had Dewar's. The 4 of us (and I mean Kam, Ym, Way and I) left the club early today, which later we went to the Neelaa's in taman desa for another yam cha session.

So waking up at 2am in the afternoon, done some stuff for my mom in state. Rush back to Cheras to get my printer and headed down to Ym's house to gao dim Ms's gift. While Ym and Kam are adjusting those length and widths of the photos, I messaged Way on msn messenger for another round of party.

Well, partying in taman desa pasar malam. LOL. We had nasi lemak, pirated fried chicken chop, asam laksa, balls, soya bean and one more I don't know what it is that the other 3 of them ate. Well, the nasi lemak does taste really nice. And that asam laksa does smells nice. Imagine the taste, aren't you drooling now?



We, game the whole day. That holiday fever is definitely the best part of my academic life. Later that we went to Ms's birthday party which of course it was also another Lamer's gathering. Anyway, later that we went for another round of mamak again in taman desa. Ym ar, 3 days in a week going to Taman Desa. LOL



I slept at 5am, forcing myself to at least read something before I go to bed. My mom and sis tried to wake me up which I was agitated and pik chik so they didn't bother me and left me sleeping until 330pm in the afternoon. Er...

Ya, and hour later I went to the gym for a complimentary foot massage. I was kinda feeling numb or did the foot massage fella didn't put 100% effort into making me laugh. Really mm dim. In the end it only left me thinking back of my very 1st foot massage in Taiwan.



6am in the morning, the completion of this post before me going to Gerik with my dad and my cousin brother. Well, signing off over here and will be back on Tuesday night.


Good day and Goodnight

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