Saturday, June 28, 2008

2nd Week of my Holiday


We had another barbecue session. We I mean ah kam, way and I. The 3 of us spending that evening finishing those chicken wings that were unfinished on my primary school night. Kam and I are having holidays and that made Way joining us as well. LOL. 2 people's holiday equals to the 3rd person's holiday as well. The mood changes for Way when he's having holidays while me and Kam were having classes.

We had wine, another complimentary from my grandfather, but the 3rd bottle wasn't very nice compared to the 1st one we all had on Saturday night. We had beer as well. A&W Root Beer. After those chicken wings, we all sweared that we will not have another chicken wing barbecue but duck wings barbecue. Er... Yea, sounds funny.

Anyway, after those chicken wings, we finished the watermelon Way bought, which costs RM15. You can now imagine how big is the watermelon. All 20 of us on Saturday night just finished about half of it. And now, the 3 of us finishing the other half. It's good that we didn't waste the food by throwing up. LOL again.



The next morning we headed to Sunway Pyramid for K sessions. It was only lunch K for 2 hours of great time in red box. The interior design there has been changed and it does look really nice compared to the last time we all were there. I really like the sound system and the choices of songs they have in red box. Always up to date.

For only a amount of RM12 per person, we had our branch and our K sessions. Not too bad for a 2nd week of my holiday I thought. The 4 of us, YM, Kam, Way and I did not went home straight after K sessions. YM played Daytona eh! And she challenged me for a race. I was indeed surprised that she actually was better than me. Cool~ (I never liked to play daytona back in my high school days because I was lousy with it; but now I liked it)

It was very nice that I had my Taiwanese rice in Asia Avenue. Kam and Ym had Oyster Mee Shua while Way and I had Pork Braised Rice. That delicious Oyster and Mee Shua, that taste was just indescribable. The pork braised rice definitely remind me of Taiwan. We watched "Get Smart". A definitely hilarious movie which I laughed from the start of the show till the end of it. A must watch comedy action movie?



The four of us went partying on ladies night in Maison. Ya, you've heard it right, we went clubbing. I never did actually went to club with the lamers. My mom asked me where am I going on a Thursday night dressed up like that? And I told her I was going to club. Okay~ That was cool.

Anyway, it was definitely crazy night that I saw everyone happy despite those pik chik feelings we had while waiting for our friends for an hour. We had Dewar's which Maison had promotion for 3 bottles at RM758. Expensive as it may seem.

We left the club at 230 in the morning to avoid the jam and crowding out and those unnecessary road blocks. Head to taman desa for another tea session because all of us were super hungry. LOL. Like pigs.



We partied on friday night. (This session of the post will be uploaded after 28th of June)

But I had a long chat with my cousin sister after she finished clubbing in Aloha. Happening.


Good day and Goodnight People.

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