Friday, June 20, 2008

Chen Moh Primary School

It was the day after ah kam's exam, the feeling of gan jongness after both of us, decided to call our form teacher to attend our gathering wei... super coolness.. haha.. and of course, it was ah kam's idea. anyway, this sunny day, i wasn't shock that they teared down the old block and they wanted to make a new one. But i think it was already quite sometime that they say they want to build the new building.

only dusts and a pile of rocks.... and that banner.. imagine a new building in the future.. can you imagine those days where you're parents or your grandparents fetch you to school? it's still fresh in my mind, till now, maybe it's because i still see my grandfather fetching my sis to school and fetching those little cousins back from school.

Kam said:"they're so small, can we choke slam the little kids (jokingly of course)." The 1st thing we're wondering where is the new office for the teachers. So i thought it was some air conditioned rooms where last time they use for the "smart students" class. Anyway, the guard let us in, cause i think he might remember me and kam's face.... still wondering.. or maybe because he knows my grandpa.. lol.. as if...

then.. kam asked the guard:"mana bilik guru? (in his way of asking)" he pointed at the direction of the hall.. we headed to the hall.. it was like this...

... shocked.. teacher's office dont have aircond wei!!! well.. the last time we saw our form teacher was when we're form 3, we met her in our high school, then now, lol.. i can't imagine me being taller than her.. okay.. i really thought that she was quite tall.. when i was standard six... ahahaha..


the thrill of primary school gathering, new food, new faces.

goodday and goodnight people

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