Sunday, June 08, 2008

What do you want?

What do you want? Is a question that my parents always ask me. Can i want nothing of above all? Nothing interests me. All is one and one is all. Why are people differentiating?

Why? Why? Why? Greed? Or to survive? All the answers lead to one source, which is that human nature wanted to survive not to be eaten by predators. Why did i linked it there?

Cause i think everything in this world only exists when you're alive. And it has been always people's mind to differentiate what is one and what is none.

Shit, please do not be influenced by this stupid post. It's nothing but only my thoughts of this world. Damn it. Move on. I feel like it has been the caffein that made me a little high. Lol.

Xiao xun had vanilla latte, and that also made him hyper that he can't sit there to concentrate. Haha. I'm back home now. Relaxing, at least taking a break from financial management. Racing with time.

Everything you do now creates your future, yea, so, if you pursue what you are doing now, can you picture what you will have in the future?

All of this was because i read the personal message on ys's msn nick. He says:"what i want is not what you want, so do not ask me to stop doing from what i want."

Funny sunday.

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