Wednesday, June 04, 2008

16th July 2007 (Revised)

I Remembered Why I Have This Little Agreement with myself, and you guys know why? cause every time when you have assignments, you told yourself, you want to finished it at least a few days before the due date, but in the end, you're still the same every time.

Like Alex tang, lol, he told me we're march intakes, haha, yeah, we finish the assignments last minute. But i guess that will only work for pre u or your 1st year of your degree, but it doesn't work the same way when you're doing your second year of your degree.

The Picture Says It All.
Something to be remembered for my academic life.

Ms was only the witness, i need someone to be my witness to have that contract between Richard low and Richard low to be proven effective.
Yes, that's what the court says, a little note of any kind can be and is able to legally bind you in between.


a playground, which you always brag your mommy or daddy to bring you there when you are just a little kid. ever wonder why that small little thing always kept you from wanting more of it? may it be the colors and the obstacles, you love to explore what's in within the tubes, and you enjoy that wind blowing at your face when you slide down the slide.

every time you climb that small little rope, you imagine yourself like some police or some swat team you saw in the TV just a few days or a few minutes ago. that hands of your from wanting to swing from another monkey bar to another, you wanted to try out new things, beat the unbeatable, therefore when you fall, you got up again. laugh it off.

but what about now? the things around you seem much smaller, you've grown up, the things you want are even bigger now, the things you desire was not those that you've desired when you come out from your mom's stomach, that cry. those smiles on their faces. tell me that you wanted to waste your life now, think again.


This few days I've been talking about ms alot har in my blog, I also wonder why. alot of things happened and from time to time, we learn together, grew together. back then and of course now, even as friends, things seem to calm down after a few months, I started to talk to her again recently, and of course I'm glad that i did. Didn't want to lose a friend and start at the stranger or dulan stage again right?

Nanana, it's nothing okay, every thing's fine here, as what Marcus said to ms and ms said to me back then, when you can talk about your past, you're fine with it already. so, i guess the days are getting brighter har? it sure does feel super awkward in college, i always think, what if ms and Marcus appear in front of me? what should i do?

-the answers? i do not know, but i know one day will come that the 3 of us will sit down together, or maybe 4? lol..-

Even the mahjong tells a story, guess who is who.... hahaha.. i bet you all didn't know what the hell was the mahjong about, may it represent the 3 people, i of course, will be the fat choi =p my blog my story. north south east west, represents the people around us. There is always people who have sides, whether may it be north, south, east or west, they're still tiles, with only lettering on it. Like you and i, we're people, only names and family surnames differentiate us from one another.

When i procrastinate, i game. and that kills all the time, anyway, just to let u all know, i did only game for 3 hours per week. why? i played 6 games, and normally each game you should be using 1 hour to complete it at least, but, after the trauma of a lost game, my cousins and i finished the game with only half an hours time. Gigi Lai, Gigi Leung,


Good day and Goodnight People,

To those who will and are having exams, good luck and all the best.

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