Sunday, June 08, 2008

Blog I Must

Black Pepper Chicken Sandwhich, Hot Caramel Chocolate, Mocha And Chocolate Chips, Mango Passion Fruit, and...

粽子 - My Grandma make one, cause that xiao xun say the last time he ate was 3 years ago.


Vanilla Latte Venti, Black Tea Frappucino Venti and Hot Caramel Chocolate Tall


Caught this fella taking pictures with ah kam, testing their camera phones in the library.. hahaha... just jk.. they're playing battleships, A1, miss, H7 Hit, H8 Hit, Sunk~


what a day. 2 more days to my 1st paper. Gan jong and happy as well. Done my stats paper, 60 percent done for my accounting paper. And to as well nail the financial paper tmrw morning. I mean the exercises. Starbucks and i had a transaction of 50 bucks today. Screwed for my wallet, but the environment was superb. Despite the fella who was leveling with his laptop that made those "bird chirping sounds", all was fine.

I had a new friend and a new teacher for accounting, haha, never in my life i felt so happy after doing accounting. Blessed. Too bad it'll be my last semester for finance and accounting. I'll be going for marketing next semester as my major. Hopefully i will excel much more there. Where creating ideas are my field and my stronghold. Says kam and a few friends of mine.

I shall not give up and i will excel to the best, not only to try my best but to put the best of all i have to give. To you my parents, i will not disappoint, and to country, screw petroleum and let's all start riding to college.

Good day and goodnight.

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