Sunday, December 06, 2009

November Replacement

I just looked at my blog and noticed that I have not update my blog for november. It is because I did not allocate the time to blog, what to say, facebook is making life easier. Well, the status updating has taken away my blogging time. And what more to say the pictures being uploaded into facebook has become so much easier, with 200 pictures being able to be uploaded with one click compared to blogging with 5 pictures everytime only.

Blogger should really do some stuff about this thing if they still want to keep their customers with them in the long run. From what I see, everyone is facebooking, and I have hardly hear my friends talk about blogs nowadays. It's so college years. LOL

Well, November was hectic, and it passed just like that. I was rushing for assignments for the early November, then came the final exams, 3 exams in 2 consecutive days. It was a record for me. Even though the results aren't out yet, but I am quite sure I gave all my best in it. It was really though but I make sure to follow the right instructions and of course to answer the questions correctly. Well, it's up to the administration to decide who to pass and who to fail now.

Then it was Korea trip with my mom, brother and my sister. My dad couldn't go with us although he really wanted to. But he chose to stay back because my second uncle is still sick and he has to take care of the family business on his behalf. Korea is beautiful, and I'm sure my dad will love it.

I believe that things can be done if you want it to be done, call it naive or simple minded, but I too believe that not complicating things and staying focus will get you the results you have wanted all these while.

I saw myself changed for the better, and I know that I still have my old bad habits with me, like always wanting things to go my way and I do not like to waste time doing nothing. With great power comes great responsibilities.

Signing out,
Richard Low.

Good Day & Goodnight.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today whole day damn bei la
go to class at 8
went back home at 10
because some stupid car blocked gao me
then i call gao the fella
damn gao pik chik
waited for 20 minutes
then i send gao him a message
what gave you the right to waste my time?
then went home wanted to on9
xps couldn't turn on
then use n95 to go on9 to look for the number
the bloddy website so damn gao alot of things,
also dont know where to find the number
then found
transfer to 3 places
okay, after that go back to college at 2
and it started raining, what a great day
went there, lecture starts at 230
ends at 4pm
without any tips given
going back home that time, rain again
phone no battery
didnt get to talk to
more pik chik

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mid & End of October 2009 Edits

How's the song? The picture above are those who came for my birthday party, 22nd one. Yea, it was really pretty simple, what do you expect for a student? It was a real last minute work again, it did not rain that day, and my grandma cooked, my friends loved her food. And I'm seriously proud of having her as my grandma. My grandpa did some little sponsor for the beer.. hehehe.. it was just carlsberg though, it was more than enough for what they have done for me for all these years.

My 2nd uncle and my dad having breakfast in Bangsar Nature's Cafe. Vegetarian Dim sum with my grandma as well. Life it is at their mid point check. To reach the mid point, one must keep it up from the start. You guys are my inspiration.

The naughty one, creative, intelligent, but mischievous. Sometimes whatever he is doing in PJ reminds me of what I have been doing when I was small. Many ideas, but was often stopped by alot of people from achieving it.

The tea break during the Saturday meeting.

Good day and Goodnight.

Monday, October 12, 2009

I Write

because it has been so many years I've been asking myself this question, what is my purpose here in this earth? and what do I serve as a human being, well, not a human being though, the people around me, what and how am I to serve these people. 1st degree friends, 2nd degree and so on, then my family members, what role do I play in this family, in this big family, in this community, in Malaysia, in SouthEast Asia, in Asia, in this world.

I know I am somebody, and I am bigger than this person who I see in myself. For whatever is given in front of me, and is being prepared for me, I shall bring these things of great use, to contribute to whatever challenges that lies ahead of me. In this "I Write" post, I know life isn't that complicated but life is also full of surprises.


One of my close friend reminded me, 3 of my close friends reminded me as well, 2 of my family members reminded me on the other hand as well. Reminding me to look into myself, there were not answers given by them but questions for me to ask myself. And it was of great help, all I need was not answers but questions.

One will succeed if he keeps questioning himself and not explaining the answers of the questions himself which is by justifying the words in his lines. As every seconds past, I travel from PJ to Cheras, giving me enough time to think again after for so long, what is my purpose here.

Good day and Goodnight People

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Year 2009's October 7th

Actually, no matter where you are in the world ar. A Lamer, will always be a Lamer. What I actually want to say is well, it can be done no matter the distance. ANYWAY!! Check out the VIDEO on facebook if you see this post at 12am on the 7th of October 2009.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

(I Do Not Want To Name This Post)

Well.. Well..

October's 1st post.. starting today with a post after I have finished my assignment on Internet Marketing. Woke up 4am in the morning because of the effect of sleeping at 730pm last night, just right after Malaysia had an earthquake. Although I did not hear it, but it was all over facebook. I think it's because like what MS would say, these people have status update anxiety, so does blogging mean status update anxiety?


I think blogging is something more like writing your diary, but it's a diary that everyone could read, no need hiding it in the drawer though. Guess what, your future employers might be reading your blog right now though. Well, it's October, my month, and a month for a few of my close friends and family, I have 2 cousins borned in the month of October, so 3 libras in the family. But wait again, my big brother's wife, my dai sou, borned on the same day like mine as well, October. And of course, my mom, one day before mine.


What's all these birthdays about? Celebrating you yourself finishing another year just like that. My family doesn't really bother about birthdays you know? LOL, so it doesn't really have an effect on me, but then again, it was the lamers that celebrated with me ever since form 5 eh? Although yeah, sometimes I do get some birthday cakes from my mom and of course, a brand new Pilot Pen. I prefer those pens with all in one where you get all sorts of colors in one pen. It never fails to amaze me.


The month of the libra. Talking about personalities, I would actually judge myself as a calm person, but as for these few days, the lamers commented me on being a controller, always wanting things to be on my way. I somehow do agree to that extent, maybe part of it. Even wanting to control the results I want for the personality test. LOL.


What will life be in front of me. Whatever then, going to end the post right here. It's freaking hot outside, well, global warming is on its way. Whatever it is, just be prepared for the worst. God bless everyone.

Good day and Goodnight.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Shit Does Happen

I've had shit happened in my life, and I suppose anyone who reads this now does have their own shit as well. But just an advise to those who think that it's going to be an end to their life, nothing beats you down but you yourself. The worst thing that could happen is really the time when you're dead. Because by then you can't do shit but only to look at your memories, what you have done in your life.

Don't let shit stop you in your life, it's always the shit that makes you stronger. Ask yourself how did you come to this point in life. What was the things that you have done that let you reach to this point in life. But come to think of it, if it wasn't the past, what is the present now?

Yes, I have shit happened in my life, one shit is that I couldn't go Australia to further my studies, am I that sad come to think of it, I asked myself, maybe for the few hours after speaking to the counsellor in Help. So, I'm still here in Malaysia.


This friend of mine asked me to listen to Keri Hilson's Knock You Down, and yeap, I would ask this friend to listen to this song, maybe just the quote, they'd knocked you down, but just get back up. Get back up and start moving. Always ask yourself what's more important. Ask yourself what's next.

Moving on does not mean forgetting about the past. Living with the past does not mean letting go of the past. So please, don't mess up the trick. It will be more challenging if you are willing to look for ways to overcome it.

1. Going Through It.
2. Going Over It.
3. Going Around It.
4. or Immobilize Yourself.


Good Day and Goodnight.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


It was a great month to start with, I don't know why, but it's just great. A great friendship lost was being recovered. It hit me every time I saw her after any event, every time when Big Bang's Haru-Haru was played, it hit me harder.

It is Lp120's one year old, more about this time. Memories come and go, I've learnt to treasure every moment even more. My friend Avene said it might be God's arrangement that this thing happened. For what reason it is, is it worth it?

My answer for this thing will be there's always a trade off for anything you do. Good or bad one might think, there's still a trade off. To some people, sometimes things doesn't really matter that much.

I saw that no matter whatever stuffs that happens to me, it happens for a reason, and there's always a story behind. You know why? It's because the world is always changing, everyone is doing different things now, every second, whatever you do this second, it affects the world.

One might not feel the difference now, but for what you've said today, it can't be erased, it is embelmed in this core of the world, in the minds of the human beings. Your experience with someone today might determine who you'll meet in the future.

I would always say it will be affecting indirectly or directly last time, but as for now, I would like to rephrase this sentence. It would be whatever you do now, will affect you directly. What the hell do people mean by indirectly when the thing is actually related to you? Isn't that still called directly?


I had great days with the lamers, these people are just friends who happened to be, my friend. I know who would stay by me no matter how I look, I saw people changed because my face just had lots of pimples, my cousins did not neglect me, nor my family, nor my close friends. And I'm glad that you guys have stayed with me.

Yesterday evening was great, just hanging out, it was enough, I just want to do these more, maybe once a week will just do, at least when I do really die, I know that I had a great time with my friends. To Kam and Way, 16 years of friendship, cheers. To Yin Mei, 6 years of friendship, cheers. To Ming Shiu, whoever you are to me for all the times, cheers.


And ya, now to my complaints of the day on why was I so pik chik this morning, I was on a mission to Klang, the problem here was that I got stucked in Klang, a place which I would not go, a place I would avoid unless really important matters like Alison Lee's Klang Birthday Party when I was in Taylors. Unless my dad brings me there for Bak Kut Teh. Unless it was seafood with the lamers, a food which I dislike.

STUCKED IN KLANG FOR 3 Hours.... Goodness.. All the way I was thinking of the male ego thing, does it really work, as for today's conclusion, it doesn't work. In the end, directions given were not clear, no landmarks, just turn here, turn there.... So, it was the Google Maps that provided me with great help, my location was exact, the Kilometers were exact, indication was without lag.

Today's trade off was, low on petrol, low on cash, low on battery, risk of tyre puncture in the end resolved from the spare tyre that I lent to my friend Buffy, in the end his spare tyre was with me and mine is with him. Some trade eh.


So you guys see, when you have 2 close friends could actually be couples and get married, but they were seperated due to some reasons which was made unclear, but as for now, both of them were still single, and still ai mei ai mei like that. To you readers who are reading this post, please wish them all the best.


Signing in for tmrw's tutorial class.

Good day people, and Goodnight.

Monday, August 31, 2009

suddenly, just didn't know how to start this post?
but i just started it, have i not?
it was just because of the 1st step that this blog post started moving.

it is just like a conversation, and the thoughts in your mind.
for some reasons, when you think too much, you just get paralyzed by the thoughts.

now.. where to start? asiaworks? well it was the thing i did this evening,
met Avene there again after so long, and the new kids on the block, although it changed because Lawrence was using the thermometer to check the temperatures. lol
went to tea with Avene and had a long chat about stuffs,

=======chapter missing======

so later in the evening went out with the brothers, I think time really does changes everything, everyone grew older, or can i say more matured. people around me, girls thinking about marriage, guys thinking about money.

the difference here about the guys and the girls, guys want to secure a future for the girl, and the girl wants to feel secured. that's the natural law of attraction. it's not because love some people get together though, but it was love that people get together as well. because of the word love, guys work harder to secure a future for their love ones. because of love the girl gives in their valuable love to a guy.

it's hard to earn more money to secure a future, but it is harder to secure a relationship and bring it to the next level. being in a relationship, one has to sacrifice a lot, their time. in which this time can be used to do alot of things. these things include family time, time for friends, time for career, time for studies, time for your own brothers, time for improvement.

was it love of attraction or was it the love of afraid of losing the other half?

=======paragraph missing==========

Selamat Hari Merdeka to all Malaysians.
One Malaysia. A country with difference is what makes Malaysia unique today.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Laughs Evily
From underneath the trees, I watched the sky, confusing stars with satellites.

It has too long since my last blog. Went futsal with way, kam and billy. And this time it wasn't that artifical grass but it was that plastic tiles, so the impact was quite hard to the addition that I was kickin barefoot. But for the fun, it was worth it. Was worth it that the fact the injury reached only this level. Just gonna get one futsal shoe, suggestions people? Budget around RM150.


Life now for me, I can give u guys one word or maybe 2 or 3 words. Damn GAO HIGH!

Apparently, I have officially started to be part of the family business since last 1 and a half months? Eventhough the past I was in and out of the company, but then now, going to work 3 days a week, 3 days a week will be going to class, and 2 days of night korean classes.

There is apparently no time to slack. Even writing this blog, I have to choose the best time where there will be no distractions and after ensuring I have completed my task.


Korean class was definitely interesting, though the teacher asked me what was my intention of learning korean language? I told her it was because of the family business, deep inside my headbrain (the word used by Alex Tang), it was because of interest as well. Tell me about Japanese or French, I think Korean would be the closest thing I would learn given those BigBang songs and some of the good korean dramas. Now tmrw's my second class, will be going there after work. Gan Jong.


Ah! Class~ It was interesting as well. Ms. Sumathi's class, was about advertising and promotions. And guess what, working in Dentsu Utama as an intern that time kinda built my pave into this subject, vice versa, but of course Dentsu came 1st last year. And now, for the recent assignment it would probably be Honda Malaysia. Same class with Ifthan for IMC. =)

And I find E-Marketing is quite boring.... couldn't get my eyes open for the thursday tutorial.. just too dead boring.. And it was Dr. Teh's product management that was even better than this E-Marketing... God Bless Me.


I was indeed quite disapointed with me not able going overseas to complete my studies for the final year. And there came up too many excuses for me to just say:"hey, maybe it's just fate that I am fated to stay here ever since the start of HELP UNI." ya right, my result sucked. To the extend that I got too many boredline passes. Well, going into a good university with my results I would have say that this uni is not worth going, but thanks to their road block, yeap, they definitely deserve it.

So what I always tell my cousin brothers, Have what we have, and work with what with have. So Malaysia is what I have, and I shall start at this point in time, at least I have the priviliedge to go into a tertiary program. Grateful and contented that I do not have to leave my friends and family.


Well, at least here I am.

Good day and Goodnight people.

Monday, August 03, 2009


Was in Coco Banana last Saturday evening, and on the dance floor.... Shorty got low low low low...... low low low low.......

Something attracts me about this dark green ballet dancer, just couldn't help noticing her when she takes the stage. It's like I know her some where...... some time....
But of course, I was at this ballet concert for my sister. Watching her grow from that baby who I always spend my time with after class when I was in primary school till now a teenager.

And of course, showing you the part of the union, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Tenji Winner, Solaris.

Jamocca Almond Fudge, and a little of Rum Raisins this 31st July.

PC Fair is lame this mid year. Maybe I just got pik chik when that governing body blocks all the routes in KL. And of course, I strike no deal in PC Fair, gets me more pik chik. Anyway, yeah, MS and Yee Wah, promoting look alike bags like the Golla George has.

The brothers on the way to PC Fair.

Crystal, imperfection came perfection.

When Way dropped MS's dont know what brand beer, Way picked up that bottle and blamed it on Kam, saying that don't come near him or else he will put that broken bottle into YM's bag. And Kam say don't! And then MS was crying over the spilt beer that's why you can't see her in the picture. (All of the above, you know if it's real or not anyway, lol)

Smile people, Good Day, and GOod Night.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Up till Now, You Will never read till the end of the post, trust me, neither would I.

5 Years ago, I know I've said:" shit, I can't believe high school just ended 9 months ago" when I was in Taylors College doing my Canadian Pre-U. Having to hang out with ym, ms, kam and way, I've also got to know the other few lamers chin meng, farz, william, and si liang. Then came when I was in CPU, I remember meeting one group of people when I didn't recall they were really that lame like me the 1st time I saw them, it was that bunch who came out from st john and 2 from kepong, alex, st, michael and aereon. It was that 8am to 430pm that brought us together what more to say calculas. And it got even crazier when we got to know others in the March intake, alls, sheng and tao. Sometimes I thought because of that calculas, I need to stay back another semester in CPU, but when it was fate that made me realize that it wasn't that bad afterall, isn't it. In february 2005, she accepted me and that made me invincible and I thought I am the top of the world. LOL. There came Help Uni in October 2006, going into Help with Way leading the way into law while kam and I headed for the business subjects with the aim of either falling back with the local degree or to pursue a degree in the University of Queensland in Australia. There came an introduction to a new group of people, zee wui, mui gee, elaine and xiao xun. Whom I would say that ZW will always deserve to have the title of hak hei lou. Help was not that cheerful back in October 2007 for me in this part of my life. But it was also the part of my life that I have learnt to read the signs and to trust my intuition when it has already been giving the red light. I really thought that in Help during the starting of the time that I have no friends because I don't have a group to hang out with. Comes back now I think, making new friends doesn't have to be hanging out with them or doing things together 24/7. About June or July 2007, have I not forgotten that I had gatherings with my old primary and secondary school mates. Saw that everyone had changed at their physical appearences, but there was still that their old self in them. Not to mention I still kept my old habits of laziness sometimes when I feel like bringing it out, was I to mention that it was that denial in me as well, only in another term for a grown up. And when Esther brought those photos out, flashback and dreams I had a few nights about the classroom and the primary school bell, those yellings from my form teacher and those sounds from the cane slamming on that table of hers. Poh Chee and Carmen will always still be PC&C always like how Liangko and JX have been. For I know that friendship is not a thing time can erase or the memories can keep in within at this point in time. With the worst that could ever happen to someone is when the person is dead. Because everything the person could possibly change or to do will never be in the control of this person ever again. Came June 2008. Asiaworks basic training MB120, at this point in time, 454am, I though I would want to close this part of the chapter in my life, but I couldn't. It carved a path in my life. In basic training, I get to meet Nicolette and Avene, which I would say the mahjong sessions really brought us closer than ever. And some point at this chapter, I would really think when an adult thinks that he is already a grown up, he is being childish himself. (Probably speaking of myself) After Advance MA120, it was LP120 for me. Watching back the 2nd weekend video I had, I know that my stand, will come true. And of course there is Yoong, a dude who I don't know if they really looked at the address to put us as buddies or whether it is their intuition or whatever, whatever la (as george puts it), for years one could stay near another, but he will still be a stranger if they didn't know they even existed. What my coordinator and my seniors in LP120 gave me what they told me to believe in myself. Never knew that it could be so powerful that things really can come true and you could even make it un-happening when you input ur negative energy into situation. When it was last wednesday night, the energy of a family was strong as when I was thinking of my grandma in PJ, she called me when I was having my dinner. The bond which you will never see with ur own eyes but it was all that I need to feel. Distance wasn't what it seems to be. Ever since I was 7, I've had the knowledge of purchasing the best product at the lowest cost, which then 15 years later, I know that this thing still lies deep within me, it is a thing I must acknowledge myself with. Because my resources were limited, and I know that when I asked for something, it better be worth the price I would be paying or I would regret for not getting the best. I know I am being spoiled for the good reasons, which I know my business angel will always still be my grandfather. I get to enjoy a 5 star luxury holiday in Pangkor Laut Resort with my family, I could say that this time, it was a holiday to be lazy, and definitely the chillest ever with my family, no rush, just quality time spent doing nothing together. Having to reseat finance paper for the 1st time, retake financial management paper for the 2nd time, and doing it for the 3rd time, it was a disgrace but when it wasn't that bad that I know financial management is really important to my family business being a marketing major mastering in finance isn't that bad afterall. I know that in Help Uni 2009, my life got even interesting when I was doing international marketing with Huy, Nic and Ifthan. Huy from Vietnam whereas Ifthan from Maldives. It was 2 projects on Mcdonalds MAFC that brought us together. And it was during my internship with Dentsu Utama that gave me the knowledge of handling a project. I was quite glad that the treasure hunt I organized succeeded despite the low participation rate of the people in October 2008 when I came to know that some groups didn't even got the thing going smoothly. This 3rd generation of Low brothers will rock the business world. Up till now, I know the helicopter will land on my penthouse...

Gooday, Goodnight.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009




22 years old already, don't so small gas.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tree Party 2009, WildAsia

Fruit I suppose
Purple wild flower ?

Yellow jungle flower ?


Some articles by WIldAsia.

The Jungle Trekking Route

Beii with her small group Escorted by 2 scouts.

Mary Kay Participating in the Tree Party

The props for tree planting.

These 2 Kids Looking for clues like true Malaysians.

Treasure Hunt Starting

I think these bunch of people... (Please Click to see what they are trying to say)

I think if this is not an art, it must be vandalism in the Islamic school.

I notice one thing, all these radio stations are from astro.

The Discovery House Team
Mid Valley Gardens - The Spade

Sneak Preview

The Finishing Business