Monday, August 03, 2009


Was in Coco Banana last Saturday evening, and on the dance floor.... Shorty got low low low low...... low low low low.......

Something attracts me about this dark green ballet dancer, just couldn't help noticing her when she takes the stage. It's like I know her some where...... some time....
But of course, I was at this ballet concert for my sister. Watching her grow from that baby who I always spend my time with after class when I was in primary school till now a teenager.

And of course, showing you the part of the union, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Tenji Winner, Solaris.

Jamocca Almond Fudge, and a little of Rum Raisins this 31st July.

PC Fair is lame this mid year. Maybe I just got pik chik when that governing body blocks all the routes in KL. And of course, I strike no deal in PC Fair, gets me more pik chik. Anyway, yeah, MS and Yee Wah, promoting look alike bags like the Golla George has.

The brothers on the way to PC Fair.

Crystal, imperfection came perfection.

When Way dropped MS's dont know what brand beer, Way picked up that bottle and blamed it on Kam, saying that don't come near him or else he will put that broken bottle into YM's bag. And Kam say don't! And then MS was crying over the spilt beer that's why you can't see her in the picture. (All of the above, you know if it's real or not anyway, lol)

Smile people, Good Day, and GOod Night.

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