Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Up till Now, You Will never read till the end of the post, trust me, neither would I.

5 Years ago, I know I've said:" shit, I can't believe high school just ended 9 months ago" when I was in Taylors College doing my Canadian Pre-U. Having to hang out with ym, ms, kam and way, I've also got to know the other few lamers chin meng, farz, william, and si liang. Then came when I was in CPU, I remember meeting one group of people when I didn't recall they were really that lame like me the 1st time I saw them, it was that bunch who came out from st john and 2 from kepong, alex, st, michael and aereon. It was that 8am to 430pm that brought us together what more to say calculas. And it got even crazier when we got to know others in the March intake, alls, sheng and tao. Sometimes I thought because of that calculas, I need to stay back another semester in CPU, but when it was fate that made me realize that it wasn't that bad afterall, isn't it. In february 2005, she accepted me and that made me invincible and I thought I am the top of the world. LOL. There came Help Uni in October 2006, going into Help with Way leading the way into law while kam and I headed for the business subjects with the aim of either falling back with the local degree or to pursue a degree in the University of Queensland in Australia. There came an introduction to a new group of people, zee wui, mui gee, elaine and xiao xun. Whom I would say that ZW will always deserve to have the title of hak hei lou. Help was not that cheerful back in October 2007 for me in this part of my life. But it was also the part of my life that I have learnt to read the signs and to trust my intuition when it has already been giving the red light. I really thought that in Help during the starting of the time that I have no friends because I don't have a group to hang out with. Comes back now I think, making new friends doesn't have to be hanging out with them or doing things together 24/7. About June or July 2007, have I not forgotten that I had gatherings with my old primary and secondary school mates. Saw that everyone had changed at their physical appearences, but there was still that their old self in them. Not to mention I still kept my old habits of laziness sometimes when I feel like bringing it out, was I to mention that it was that denial in me as well, only in another term for a grown up. And when Esther brought those photos out, flashback and dreams I had a few nights about the classroom and the primary school bell, those yellings from my form teacher and those sounds from the cane slamming on that table of hers. Poh Chee and Carmen will always still be PC&C always like how Liangko and JX have been. For I know that friendship is not a thing time can erase or the memories can keep in within at this point in time. With the worst that could ever happen to someone is when the person is dead. Because everything the person could possibly change or to do will never be in the control of this person ever again. Came June 2008. Asiaworks basic training MB120, at this point in time, 454am, I though I would want to close this part of the chapter in my life, but I couldn't. It carved a path in my life. In basic training, I get to meet Nicolette and Avene, which I would say the mahjong sessions really brought us closer than ever. And some point at this chapter, I would really think when an adult thinks that he is already a grown up, he is being childish himself. (Probably speaking of myself) After Advance MA120, it was LP120 for me. Watching back the 2nd weekend video I had, I know that my stand, will come true. And of course there is Yoong, a dude who I don't know if they really looked at the address to put us as buddies or whether it is their intuition or whatever, whatever la (as george puts it), for years one could stay near another, but he will still be a stranger if they didn't know they even existed. What my coordinator and my seniors in LP120 gave me what they told me to believe in myself. Never knew that it could be so powerful that things really can come true and you could even make it un-happening when you input ur negative energy into situation. When it was last wednesday night, the energy of a family was strong as when I was thinking of my grandma in PJ, she called me when I was having my dinner. The bond which you will never see with ur own eyes but it was all that I need to feel. Distance wasn't what it seems to be. Ever since I was 7, I've had the knowledge of purchasing the best product at the lowest cost, which then 15 years later, I know that this thing still lies deep within me, it is a thing I must acknowledge myself with. Because my resources were limited, and I know that when I asked for something, it better be worth the price I would be paying or I would regret for not getting the best. I know I am being spoiled for the good reasons, which I know my business angel will always still be my grandfather. I get to enjoy a 5 star luxury holiday in Pangkor Laut Resort with my family, I could say that this time, it was a holiday to be lazy, and definitely the chillest ever with my family, no rush, just quality time spent doing nothing together. Having to reseat finance paper for the 1st time, retake financial management paper for the 2nd time, and doing it for the 3rd time, it was a disgrace but when it wasn't that bad that I know financial management is really important to my family business being a marketing major mastering in finance isn't that bad afterall. I know that in Help Uni 2009, my life got even interesting when I was doing international marketing with Huy, Nic and Ifthan. Huy from Vietnam whereas Ifthan from Maldives. It was 2 projects on Mcdonalds MAFC that brought us together. And it was during my internship with Dentsu Utama that gave me the knowledge of handling a project. I was quite glad that the treasure hunt I organized succeeded despite the low participation rate of the people in October 2008 when I came to know that some groups didn't even got the thing going smoothly. This 3rd generation of Low brothers will rock the business world. Up till now, I know the helicopter will land on my penthouse...

Gooday, Goodnight.

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