Sunday, August 31, 2008


31st of August 2008. The day where Malaysia celebrates its Independence day. I here write about a day which I have spent in Taman Cahaya, a place where I now only knew existed in Selangor which was so beautiful with nature and with the presence of the nature. Well guarded and well maintained by the authorities for the park. Today as promised, I will blog for Malaysia. Selamat Hari Menyambut Merdeka!

What's so interesting about my independence day, 31st of August 2008, a day I will not forget. A day for the children from the orphanage, a day for the teenagers from high school. A day for me to experience what is it like to have fun with little kids and to feel what was missing in them. It was that kind of experience where I would have my time dedicated to them. By playing a part of a participating n95 photographer =), I was able to experience the feeling of contributing unconditionally.


To you guys LP119, great work, great games, great times. You have give the children a reason to live their live to the fullest. You have give the children a goal and a dream to enable them to feel what was life about and you have told them that life is not all about taking but also giving. You have been there for them when you have brought your family members along to let them feel what was it like that their parents have been.

I am Love, I am Fun, I am Powerful. I'm LP119.

That's right. Your Cheers. Your Vision. Your Ways of Being.

Xin-Dee and Zaim. To my sis, I hope this day will bring more wisdom to your life and I too hope you have fun. To Zaim, You have been a very caring giver. Well, being a undertaker, under a costume for a day and running for the kids. Although you are not in their LP119, but you were there to support. Salute.

Law and Order. The leaders of the spokes person, Adrea and Yew Khuay. Getting the little ones into groups of 5-6. Was really tough at 1st but to get to one point, one must be patient and one must listen for what is to be completed.

With one goal, no matter how old or how young you are, we will get there. We should not even be regretting something bad happens, imagine if it was for 2 nuclear bombs that would only wake you up. How many bombs will there be to wake up a nation? We do not need any of those if you play your part and stop blaming each other.

Everything is a new experience for them. That blank sheet of paper is what you draw on them. It is what that was being installed into their brains and the ways which they process. Imagination brings them to places they have never been, and imagination creates dreams and vision and this turning them into their goals of their future.

Juno the clown. Not joker of course, but bringing the real joy and happiness to the children. Not sadism. Every balloon which was being twist and twirl and squeezed lets the children know balloon are not only round. It can come at all kinds of shapes and sizes. There is no such thing as impossible but the fact balloons supports every human being that impossible should be view as I'm Possible.

Yew Khuay, 31st August 2008. Not dead yet. Lol

Oh ya, and Beii was there to support her cousin sister. Cam whoring but of course to make our marks there as we were there to support with evidence.

The child's dreams and goals. What do they want when they grow up. Realizing just by cutting out from the magazine, we as little kids back then were allowed to dream. The people who dares to dream will be the people who deserves to achieve what they want and thus by moving closer to your dreams will be the ultimate step you take. It was love this little Indian girl wanted to give. How old can you be to know what you can give instead of to take?

He is definitely going to own everything in that paper. Their smiles that reminds of who you were when you were young, how innocent you are and how you see yourself when you're a little kid. And it reminds of your picture your mom keeps in her purse, that little kid, how adorable.

Model: Rachael's Son

Artist: Kob

Theme: Ultra man

Jeffrey with the close up mode. Risking for the bestest shot with his Panasonic lumix 8.0 mega pixel digital camera. Getting close with nature on our national day. Malaysia, the place where you have been all along.

Peaceful water, what lurks deep inside the water level. No one knows, calm and steady waters are even more dangerous than the sea waters. There might be ikan bilis that will come and bite of your dead skin when you put your feet inside the water, or the Malaysian Piranha's that when you put your feet into the water they die. -.-

It's just the dragonfly I took with my N95 and this is the picture Jeffery was macro shooting up close and not wanting the dragonfly to fly away, holding his ground, balancing the weight of his body so it stays still on the ground.

Blossoming out of the greens of the green.


Good day and Goodnight

Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh ya, what about the chinese word. It means throw in english, but I would like to describe it as fuck. The word fuck, is often used by many people in the world. It is being use so often that people have forgoten how the word fuck came about. Life sucks and you're fucked. Is the sentence most fucked up people use. Have the leaders forgot what they are suppose to do with the people around them? Have they forgotten that they're the turbin that generates energy to the people around them? Have they forgotten that they have the aura that makes everyone fear or respect them? What have they been today that they've became so fucked up and that they need black and white papers for the others to pledge their loyalty towards them? This is bullshit. All fucked up bullshit.

Have you leaders forgotten what is it like to have your followers admire you instead of using the binding agreements for them to listen to you? Have you been out of your mind that you seriously think the black and white documents are the ones that the law covers and protect? It has been my problem that I did not do my best to lend you my helping hand that it has got to come to this state where you finally say life sucks and you're fucked. Totally bullshit and full of crap.


Parental Guidance


Crap, even an 18 year old knows what is it like to be a leader.


Good day and Goodnight.
Go fuck yourself.

Monday, August 25, 2008

5 Days of Holiday with AsiaWorks

My Buddy for Life~ Well, yeap, fate or no fate, Nicolette's my buddy, resistance and all that.. She's still my buddy. She wrote me a poem, and that was really, really, really touching. And for the 1st time in my life, the 1st girl that actually wrote me a poem, my jaws were like.. you know that kind of feeling?

The MA122 participants. Each and everyone in all the pictures in this post, has a legacy to tell, has an experience which they themselves can't describe how amazing it was.

Rock On~

And of course not to forget my group leader Nani. =)

Who she spend her precious time that she would be doing something else for herself, she choose to contribute and to make our lives worth. Thank you for being there for us. It was advance that you choose, and we're your result. 5 days it was then.


The journey was definitely an amazing place to be. I spend Rm2,950, a very huge amount for this holiday, that even though I was only in Malaysia, but the training really enhanced me and brought me to places that I have never been to and to the places that I have long forgotten. This amazing journey really lets me experience the things that in this world the people have long forgotten. It was an experience never to be forget. Therefore, I commit myself to go on with this journey with the leadership program, another training that will be brought out by them and my advance team throughout 90 days of my following life.

If you all have been reading the paragraph above, I now will announce that I will cancel my birthday party and in return ask for this amazing present which I can be myself and at least to give people but not only to receive and take from other people as my 21st birthday present. I will already be giving out and reaching out to people who needs me at the age of 21. What were you doing over there right now?

It was really no doubt that my mom knows that I will want to continue my journey to be the ultimate source of my own life. If you people want to experience what I've experienced, do ask me if you do feel like it, and I promise you that you will have the time of your life. No doubt that other people fear of the MLM thing, the asiaworks cult thing as some of the people have put it that way.

What was it really about? brain washing and all that? It was none of the above that has a negative effect on the person itself. Like the post I have below before I finished my advance course with asiaworks. Karma, I meant that everything in this world has been and will be influenced by the choices you make at the time of your own life. No doubt that choosing to waste your Sundays sleeping long hours and doing nothing will influenced the world.

What I've learned from asiaworks? The world needs you.

Good day, Goodnight.

Monday, August 18, 2008


woo~ hoo~~!!!!!

What goes around come around, what goes around comes around.
Price Water House. One word for the company, leaders.
Marketing, now I see myself in my future Lamborghini.


Good day, Goodnight.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stupid Reason

DO you all know what touched my heart this morning??

I was on my way to college at 1045, and next to the menara Celcom, while waiting for the traffic lights to turn green, i stopped, and there was this blind man beside my car. walking towards the traffic light and towards the junction. I was like, okay, he was holding the walking stick and there he was, standing at the junction who wants to go right.

Imagine this, if you're closing your eyes, and you're on this junction when the cars are moving at 50km per hour at least. You stopped, all you have is the ability to hear, to smell, but you can't see anything infront of you. Everything is just darkness, it's not that you can't see, it's only the whole environment is black, it's black color.

I put myself in his shoes and when I was thinking about the blind man, my heart was crying. And I know, I've been blessed so much that I've always neglected the things that were so important to me.


Malaysia isn't such a bad place afterall. It was only those people who are greedy, and those people who have been always wanted to get something they don't have, created the fear in other people they've cheated.

There was this taxi driver, who helped the blind man cross the road. He opened his car door and told the blind man that it was safe to cross the road. From there, I know, we are still human beings.


And now, 8pm, I was at home, and I heard from my brother that my aunt is always wanting to be so righteous. Sien, why there must be a loser? Why can't everyone win? Diu.


Good day, Goodnight. God Bless Every being.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008

The pictures below were taken from this site.
Googled it because I was looking for the 3000 Kong Zi disciples.
And then I found all these.


When she twirls at that speed, you feel that you're moving with the winds, spinning and twirling. The moves were just so smooth that if you really watch it up close, and I mean closer than the VVVIP seats, as in front line, it does give you another feeling.

I do not think it is only 3000 performers for this Kong Zi performance, was amazed that the long clothing which they were wearing and the space in between was so distant that they moved as a team, the scrolls which they were holding made the sounds of a kind of art, music.

The blast of fireworks, catching it at night mode, slower shutter mode. If you can't be there, imagine that you're at this place at that time, where the fireworks lights up the night sky. The thrills and the goosebumps you get, the sound of the fireworks exploding in the sky.

Tai Chi, candids are the best, cause you will never know what you get when you're browsing through your pictures in the computer. Martial Arts.

The laughter of the performers is the something when you look at when you have a bad day and you think, it isn't that bad after all, the world's not always against you. And then you realized how hard have you been on yourself.




Good day, Goodnight.

Friday, August 08, 2008


"Once in a hundred years time."

Okay, so what, it's not like I've lived over 100 years to see this day coming right? It was just another blurry morning for me, waking up by the sunlight that irritates me. The cooling fan that was so chilling that makes me want to tug myself into my blanket. Wondering what will the day bring me, or maybe I thought that what should I do to create the day.

You do it, you have something, when you do not do it, you have nothing, and there goes your blog richardlow, nothing to update. It's just another boring few paragraph post. One of my friends say that blogging is lifeless, but I totally disagree with that statement. And because of that, I know that I only blog when I have some event or something that I want to keep it for my memories.

Argh, gotta go and make payment for my subjects. I was actually very pissed off about yesterday that some students were picking up fights with the teacher, and they thought they are very logic in the sense that they think themselves are being superior than the lecturer. Come on people, you 2 just freaking spoiled my day, spoiled my freaking morning.


But I'm fine now, looking at this fat dog. Any fire also will be put off. See him so chilling over there, the cooling marble floor. When you think of calling him to get out of the house, you would also think twice and just let him be. Chilling. LoL

Fat Dog

Oh, after my mom's one of her LP nights we went to lookout point and had a family dinner, and I can surely remember that night. It was one of the PMS night when I said something very lame and suddenly got pissed off for no reason to an old friend. =\ But thankfully she forgave me.

Lookout Point, Family Dinner @ gasOnline cafe <--- (the food sucks there)


The shot that makes me want to get an DSLR even more. Now I know why ms was so looking forward to getting an SLR camera. A 5mp camera phone is not enough. Now, how do I maximise another 100 percent from my N95, anyone with any ideas to share about photography?

Koi Pond at Nicole's Place


Going back home after mahjong. That wallpaper that will always remind me of the trip to Redang with the Lamers and the Helpians. But it has also reminded me of the sun that was late for sunrise. But at least I've got something out of it.

Sunrise at Redang.

Good Day, Goodnight

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

blog delayed

Life's like a roller coaster, you're in it.
You do not jump out of the middle of the ride.
You stay with it, ups and downs.
And the best thing is, you complete the ride with another experience.
And the best among the best is that each time you ride a roller coaster,
it is another kind of experience you get.

-Richard Low, August 2008-


I hope I did not give in too much expectations on my new subjects,
I hope that this ride I'm in, I will enjoy it and I will participate in it,
I hope that I do not hope too much about things,
I hope that all these that I've said, I will commit myself in doing so.

And so from now on,
it will be 100% of participation from me.


I love my new subjects, and I find them really interesting for me for the 1st day.
My brains were thinking, I was listening rather than filtering and hearing.
I was thinking about questions that seems little but infact it was the root of the big problems.
I was relating everything in my life, the real world, to the classroom.
I am happy, I gave myself a chance.


Good day, Goodnight.

Friday, August 01, 2008

90 days roller coaster ride with AsiaWorks!!

90 days of roller coaster ride with ASIAWORKS starts tonight!!
gan jong dou ar..!! Just can't wait to see everyone there this evening!
for me, I was that kind of person who doesn't really like to sit down there and reading the textbook. It was the most boring thing to do when I was just 8 or 9 years old.
Experiantial learning was really fun and motivating as to get yourself involve in doing something, the brains really absorbs faster.

I learned more about myself.


Till then, Good day and Goodnight.
Be Wise and Have Wisdom Always.