Tuesday, August 05, 2008

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Life's like a roller coaster, you're in it.
You do not jump out of the middle of the ride.
You stay with it, ups and downs.
And the best thing is, you complete the ride with another experience.
And the best among the best is that each time you ride a roller coaster,
it is another kind of experience you get.

-Richard Low, August 2008-


I hope I did not give in too much expectations on my new subjects,
I hope that this ride I'm in, I will enjoy it and I will participate in it,
I hope that I do not hope too much about things,
I hope that all these that I've said, I will commit myself in doing so.

And so from now on,
it will be 100% of participation from me.


I love my new subjects, and I find them really interesting for me for the 1st day.
My brains were thinking, I was listening rather than filtering and hearing.
I was thinking about questions that seems little but infact it was the root of the big problems.
I was relating everything in my life, the real world, to the classroom.
I am happy, I gave myself a chance.


Good day, Goodnight.

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