Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008

The pictures below were taken from this site.
Googled it because I was looking for the 3000 Kong Zi disciples.
And then I found all these.


When she twirls at that speed, you feel that you're moving with the winds, spinning and twirling. The moves were just so smooth that if you really watch it up close, and I mean closer than the VVVIP seats, as in front line, it does give you another feeling.

I do not think it is only 3000 performers for this Kong Zi performance, was amazed that the long clothing which they were wearing and the space in between was so distant that they moved as a team, the scrolls which they were holding made the sounds of a kind of art, music.

The blast of fireworks, catching it at night mode, slower shutter mode. If you can't be there, imagine that you're at this place at that time, where the fireworks lights up the night sky. The thrills and the goosebumps you get, the sound of the fireworks exploding in the sky.

Tai Chi, candids are the best, cause you will never know what you get when you're browsing through your pictures in the computer. Martial Arts.

The laughter of the performers is the something when you look at when you have a bad day and you think, it isn't that bad after all, the world's not always against you. And then you realized how hard have you been on yourself.




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