Monday, August 25, 2008

5 Days of Holiday with AsiaWorks

My Buddy for Life~ Well, yeap, fate or no fate, Nicolette's my buddy, resistance and all that.. She's still my buddy. She wrote me a poem, and that was really, really, really touching. And for the 1st time in my life, the 1st girl that actually wrote me a poem, my jaws were like.. you know that kind of feeling?

The MA122 participants. Each and everyone in all the pictures in this post, has a legacy to tell, has an experience which they themselves can't describe how amazing it was.

Rock On~

And of course not to forget my group leader Nani. =)

Who she spend her precious time that she would be doing something else for herself, she choose to contribute and to make our lives worth. Thank you for being there for us. It was advance that you choose, and we're your result. 5 days it was then.


The journey was definitely an amazing place to be. I spend Rm2,950, a very huge amount for this holiday, that even though I was only in Malaysia, but the training really enhanced me and brought me to places that I have never been to and to the places that I have long forgotten. This amazing journey really lets me experience the things that in this world the people have long forgotten. It was an experience never to be forget. Therefore, I commit myself to go on with this journey with the leadership program, another training that will be brought out by them and my advance team throughout 90 days of my following life.

If you all have been reading the paragraph above, I now will announce that I will cancel my birthday party and in return ask for this amazing present which I can be myself and at least to give people but not only to receive and take from other people as my 21st birthday present. I will already be giving out and reaching out to people who needs me at the age of 21. What were you doing over there right now?

It was really no doubt that my mom knows that I will want to continue my journey to be the ultimate source of my own life. If you people want to experience what I've experienced, do ask me if you do feel like it, and I promise you that you will have the time of your life. No doubt that other people fear of the MLM thing, the asiaworks cult thing as some of the people have put it that way.

What was it really about? brain washing and all that? It was none of the above that has a negative effect on the person itself. Like the post I have below before I finished my advance course with asiaworks. Karma, I meant that everything in this world has been and will be influenced by the choices you make at the time of your own life. No doubt that choosing to waste your Sundays sleeping long hours and doing nothing will influenced the world.

What I've learned from asiaworks? The world needs you.

Good day, Goodnight.


NicholasZx said...

You live in the way that you have long forgotten, that's how the training is all about. I acknowledge that you are honest, commited and responsible man, keep it on~

Great day, Great life~


Beii said...

so touching!I'll join basics!I will!=D

Jade said...

ookay, now i get ur facebook shout-out.

im glad that u found a source to be able to reach out to the community and to stay committed to it.
although there are many organisations out there today, but we all had a common purpose, which is to serve the community! =)

keep it going...