Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stupid Reason

DO you all know what touched my heart this morning??

I was on my way to college at 1045, and next to the menara Celcom, while waiting for the traffic lights to turn green, i stopped, and there was this blind man beside my car. walking towards the traffic light and towards the junction. I was like, okay, he was holding the walking stick and there he was, standing at the junction who wants to go right.

Imagine this, if you're closing your eyes, and you're on this junction when the cars are moving at 50km per hour at least. You stopped, all you have is the ability to hear, to smell, but you can't see anything infront of you. Everything is just darkness, it's not that you can't see, it's only the whole environment is black, it's black color.

I put myself in his shoes and when I was thinking about the blind man, my heart was crying. And I know, I've been blessed so much that I've always neglected the things that were so important to me.


Malaysia isn't such a bad place afterall. It was only those people who are greedy, and those people who have been always wanted to get something they don't have, created the fear in other people they've cheated.

There was this taxi driver, who helped the blind man cross the road. He opened his car door and told the blind man that it was safe to cross the road. From there, I know, we are still human beings.


And now, 8pm, I was at home, and I heard from my brother that my aunt is always wanting to be so righteous. Sien, why there must be a loser? Why can't everyone win? Diu.


Good day, Goodnight. God Bless Every being.

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