Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh ya, what about the chinese word. It means throw in english, but I would like to describe it as fuck. The word fuck, is often used by many people in the world. It is being use so often that people have forgoten how the word fuck came about. Life sucks and you're fucked. Is the sentence most fucked up people use. Have the leaders forgot what they are suppose to do with the people around them? Have they forgotten that they're the turbin that generates energy to the people around them? Have they forgotten that they have the aura that makes everyone fear or respect them? What have they been today that they've became so fucked up and that they need black and white papers for the others to pledge their loyalty towards them? This is bullshit. All fucked up bullshit.

Have you leaders forgotten what is it like to have your followers admire you instead of using the binding agreements for them to listen to you? Have you been out of your mind that you seriously think the black and white documents are the ones that the law covers and protect? It has been my problem that I did not do my best to lend you my helping hand that it has got to come to this state where you finally say life sucks and you're fucked. Totally bullshit and full of crap.


Parental Guidance


Crap, even an 18 year old knows what is it like to be a leader.


Good day and Goodnight.
Go fuck yourself.

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