Sunday, August 31, 2008


31st of August 2008. The day where Malaysia celebrates its Independence day. I here write about a day which I have spent in Taman Cahaya, a place where I now only knew existed in Selangor which was so beautiful with nature and with the presence of the nature. Well guarded and well maintained by the authorities for the park. Today as promised, I will blog for Malaysia. Selamat Hari Menyambut Merdeka!

What's so interesting about my independence day, 31st of August 2008, a day I will not forget. A day for the children from the orphanage, a day for the teenagers from high school. A day for me to experience what is it like to have fun with little kids and to feel what was missing in them. It was that kind of experience where I would have my time dedicated to them. By playing a part of a participating n95 photographer =), I was able to experience the feeling of contributing unconditionally.


To you guys LP119, great work, great games, great times. You have give the children a reason to live their live to the fullest. You have give the children a goal and a dream to enable them to feel what was life about and you have told them that life is not all about taking but also giving. You have been there for them when you have brought your family members along to let them feel what was it like that their parents have been.

I am Love, I am Fun, I am Powerful. I'm LP119.

That's right. Your Cheers. Your Vision. Your Ways of Being.

Xin-Dee and Zaim. To my sis, I hope this day will bring more wisdom to your life and I too hope you have fun. To Zaim, You have been a very caring giver. Well, being a undertaker, under a costume for a day and running for the kids. Although you are not in their LP119, but you were there to support. Salute.

Law and Order. The leaders of the spokes person, Adrea and Yew Khuay. Getting the little ones into groups of 5-6. Was really tough at 1st but to get to one point, one must be patient and one must listen for what is to be completed.

With one goal, no matter how old or how young you are, we will get there. We should not even be regretting something bad happens, imagine if it was for 2 nuclear bombs that would only wake you up. How many bombs will there be to wake up a nation? We do not need any of those if you play your part and stop blaming each other.

Everything is a new experience for them. That blank sheet of paper is what you draw on them. It is what that was being installed into their brains and the ways which they process. Imagination brings them to places they have never been, and imagination creates dreams and vision and this turning them into their goals of their future.

Juno the clown. Not joker of course, but bringing the real joy and happiness to the children. Not sadism. Every balloon which was being twist and twirl and squeezed lets the children know balloon are not only round. It can come at all kinds of shapes and sizes. There is no such thing as impossible but the fact balloons supports every human being that impossible should be view as I'm Possible.

Yew Khuay, 31st August 2008. Not dead yet. Lol

Oh ya, and Beii was there to support her cousin sister. Cam whoring but of course to make our marks there as we were there to support with evidence.

The child's dreams and goals. What do they want when they grow up. Realizing just by cutting out from the magazine, we as little kids back then were allowed to dream. The people who dares to dream will be the people who deserves to achieve what they want and thus by moving closer to your dreams will be the ultimate step you take. It was love this little Indian girl wanted to give. How old can you be to know what you can give instead of to take?

He is definitely going to own everything in that paper. Their smiles that reminds of who you were when you were young, how innocent you are and how you see yourself when you're a little kid. And it reminds of your picture your mom keeps in her purse, that little kid, how adorable.

Model: Rachael's Son

Artist: Kob

Theme: Ultra man

Jeffrey with the close up mode. Risking for the bestest shot with his Panasonic lumix 8.0 mega pixel digital camera. Getting close with nature on our national day. Malaysia, the place where you have been all along.

Peaceful water, what lurks deep inside the water level. No one knows, calm and steady waters are even more dangerous than the sea waters. There might be ikan bilis that will come and bite of your dead skin when you put your feet inside the water, or the Malaysian Piranha's that when you put your feet into the water they die. -.-

It's just the dragonfly I took with my N95 and this is the picture Jeffery was macro shooting up close and not wanting the dragonfly to fly away, holding his ground, balancing the weight of his body so it stays still on the ground.

Blossoming out of the greens of the green.


Good day and Goodnight


Jan said...

u really do have a nice merdaka celebration!!

Beii said...

you're so good with words!lol..and a whole lot of things had been going through your mind right then! You're such a great giver!^^ can't wait to reunite this friday! Take care!

RichardLow said...

yes jan, i certainly did have a very nice merdeka celebration. ^^

and to beii, yeah, can't wait to see you guys again.