Friday, September 12, 2008

1 Week After

Sometimes life really sucks when you try to confront your problems, and looking up at it and facing up was the worst thing you would do and it is that one place in this world that you wouldn't want to look at it and you wouldn't want to dig it out from your deep memories.

Sometimes life is just like a roller coaster, you can't get out and you would have to face the ups and downs, it is still a roller coaster, nothing is too comfortable during the journey, yes, once you've think that there wouldn't be any more turning and twist and twirls, the next minute you knew it you're facing that 360 degrees turning.

At times it was so long that you would want it to stop, and what more sometimes other people jump off the ride and then sabotages themselves and end their lifes. Looking life like fear and always hiding and closing your eyes during the roller coaster ride did some people live life like that.

Why not take that opputurnity to enjoy the ride, it is your once in a lifetime ride. Choosing it to live with fear, saying that oh:" the government was to be blamed, the petrol price has increased, I do not have enough time to do this thing, da di da di da..." or would you like to look at life like, :"I would be the next person to change the course of my own roller coaster ride."


You think that you're not riding a roller coaster now? Think of it again.


Good day and Goodnight.

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