Monday, June 30, 2008



Well, woke up late today because of Thursday's night out in Maison. Met some old friends in the club, Wei Sun, Aik Wei, Boon Tat. Had Dewar's. The 4 of us (and I mean Kam, Ym, Way and I) left the club early today, which later we went to the Neelaa's in taman desa for another yam cha session.

So waking up at 2am in the afternoon, done some stuff for my mom in state. Rush back to Cheras to get my printer and headed down to Ym's house to gao dim Ms's gift. While Ym and Kam are adjusting those length and widths of the photos, I messaged Way on msn messenger for another round of party.

Well, partying in taman desa pasar malam. LOL. We had nasi lemak, pirated fried chicken chop, asam laksa, balls, soya bean and one more I don't know what it is that the other 3 of them ate. Well, the nasi lemak does taste really nice. And that asam laksa does smells nice. Imagine the taste, aren't you drooling now?



We, game the whole day. That holiday fever is definitely the best part of my academic life. Later that we went to Ms's birthday party which of course it was also another Lamer's gathering. Anyway, later that we went for another round of mamak again in taman desa. Ym ar, 3 days in a week going to Taman Desa. LOL



I slept at 5am, forcing myself to at least read something before I go to bed. My mom and sis tried to wake me up which I was agitated and pik chik so they didn't bother me and left me sleeping until 330pm in the afternoon. Er...

Ya, and hour later I went to the gym for a complimentary foot massage. I was kinda feeling numb or did the foot massage fella didn't put 100% effort into making me laugh. Really mm dim. In the end it only left me thinking back of my very 1st foot massage in Taiwan.



6am in the morning, the completion of this post before me going to Gerik with my dad and my cousin brother. Well, signing off over here and will be back on Tuesday night.


Good day and Goodnight

Saturday, June 28, 2008

2nd Week of my Holiday


We had another barbecue session. We I mean ah kam, way and I. The 3 of us spending that evening finishing those chicken wings that were unfinished on my primary school night. Kam and I are having holidays and that made Way joining us as well. LOL. 2 people's holiday equals to the 3rd person's holiday as well. The mood changes for Way when he's having holidays while me and Kam were having classes.

We had wine, another complimentary from my grandfather, but the 3rd bottle wasn't very nice compared to the 1st one we all had on Saturday night. We had beer as well. A&W Root Beer. After those chicken wings, we all sweared that we will not have another chicken wing barbecue but duck wings barbecue. Er... Yea, sounds funny.

Anyway, after those chicken wings, we finished the watermelon Way bought, which costs RM15. You can now imagine how big is the watermelon. All 20 of us on Saturday night just finished about half of it. And now, the 3 of us finishing the other half. It's good that we didn't waste the food by throwing up. LOL again.



The next morning we headed to Sunway Pyramid for K sessions. It was only lunch K for 2 hours of great time in red box. The interior design there has been changed and it does look really nice compared to the last time we all were there. I really like the sound system and the choices of songs they have in red box. Always up to date.

For only a amount of RM12 per person, we had our branch and our K sessions. Not too bad for a 2nd week of my holiday I thought. The 4 of us, YM, Kam, Way and I did not went home straight after K sessions. YM played Daytona eh! And she challenged me for a race. I was indeed surprised that she actually was better than me. Cool~ (I never liked to play daytona back in my high school days because I was lousy with it; but now I liked it)

It was very nice that I had my Taiwanese rice in Asia Avenue. Kam and Ym had Oyster Mee Shua while Way and I had Pork Braised Rice. That delicious Oyster and Mee Shua, that taste was just indescribable. The pork braised rice definitely remind me of Taiwan. We watched "Get Smart". A definitely hilarious movie which I laughed from the start of the show till the end of it. A must watch comedy action movie?



The four of us went partying on ladies night in Maison. Ya, you've heard it right, we went clubbing. I never did actually went to club with the lamers. My mom asked me where am I going on a Thursday night dressed up like that? And I told her I was going to club. Okay~ That was cool.

Anyway, it was definitely crazy night that I saw everyone happy despite those pik chik feelings we had while waiting for our friends for an hour. We had Dewar's which Maison had promotion for 3 bottles at RM758. Expensive as it may seem.

We left the club at 230 in the morning to avoid the jam and crowding out and those unnecessary road blocks. Head to taman desa for another tea session because all of us were super hungry. LOL. Like pigs.



We partied on friday night. (This session of the post will be uploaded after 28th of June)

But I had a long chat with my cousin sister after she finished clubbing in Aloha. Happening.


Good day and Goodnight People.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

6c Gathering Year 1999 the 3rd

Let's start the evening with food~ yummy yummy~
The house prepares the food for the gathering.
Simple, but yet hard to eat.

Vegetables to cool the heat of the barbecue.

Pou Yu, all wrapped by Richard Low, but all doesn't smell right, it was very potong for the evening that it's a waste that we all can't get to eat the fish. My very 1st dish that I helped put the sambal in the fish. Miss out a few ingredients like lime to take away the smell. What a waste that we all can't get to eat it this evening.

The bihun was super big portion as you all should see my msn nick that ah kam became the bihun king because there was so much leftover for this dish. People like it, but it was just too much, quantity terlalu banyak, tak boleh tahan.


Now, fried rice. Very "Lak Gu", within the 1st 15 minutes the whole pot already hit the bottom. It's really nice lor. No joke. Edward sure starting to dulan already.
Then curry chicken, also within the 1st 30 minutes the dish already gone by 80%. The main actor, chicken wings, we're untouched. And Kam dulan me cause no one wants to go and barbecue the chicken wings, only Way and Kam we're barbecuing. Sorry la, everyone is too hungry to go and slowly fry the chicken. lol..


Chicken Balls. Finished. Mm dim lor, the side dishes we're all finished but the main dish we're still untouched. Should have stayed with the 30 chicken wings instead of 60. lol


I'm flying without wings~

Mei Yee bought the primary school pictures, and we all we're laughing at it. Those noob faces, lol.. So innocent it was, protected by the 4 walls, remembered our class dance when we're standard six. After 9 years, browsing back at the pictures, reminded us of our foolishness, what we desire back then and what we desire now. Everything seem so just for little kids. Those lame arguments they had back then, were all wiped away by time. We sat down there chatting as old friends once again.

---------------------------------------------------------The duos, always "flaming" each other. You see their white teeth u also will smile together with them. Yee Way and Poh Chee.
While they're looking at the pictures, our form teacher arrived. She is very happy to see all of us and we're also very happy to see her. That kind of feeling was indescribable. She does still look very young, but hey, come on, it's only 9 years later. How much can she change right? lol.. although what we remember was that she was very tall back then.


Everyone was busy talking to the form teacher because she is only stopping by to say hello and to get every one's contact number. I'm glad that she remembered all of us. She must definitely have done some homework before coming over. Haha. Just guessing. Lol
All i know is that from the picture above, we didn't change much. We're still what we are but only added elements throughout the years. We pursue what we want, from young, from what we dreamt to become. The smiles on those faces.

Quite random, but I just took pictures with whoever sat next to me, so it was them. Tech Kiam on my right while Poh Chee on my left. ^^
---------------------------------------------------------Jx is promoting sore eyes. Just joking, ketawa keluar kuat (aka kkk) Laugh Out Loud (aka lol). Wai Leong, Jun Xiong and Mun Kit. Kaki Bola - Keranjang. *Smiles*

Ahh~ Shandy, replacement for beer. Why I do not encourage beer, the reason is beer makes people damn full, and damn belly. End of beer. But I bought root beer as well. So another replacement for alcoholic drinks. The House gave 2 bottles of complimentary red wine. It was just nice, no one abused the alcohol but they all enjoyed it. Like what we all should do when we drink. Haha, there is no need to be drunk to have a good time. ^^

Well yea, another picture with the girls, Lee Peng and Melissa, if you all have not notice, yee way is behind me. Lol.

Poh Chee complaints that JX already covered his head with his cap, then he covers his face with the cup of juice. So, in the end, I only got this lame picture of jx and poh chee. lol. What's with a sight for sore eyes eh jx? Haha.
Cheers~ From left to right we have Melissa, Siew Mun, Lisa, and Lee Peng.

The Sheep smelling Ah Kam's Fingers, it must be the butter or the honey, or was it the chicken?

So, you have the green, orange and red. And that gives you? A combination of traffic light. =)
I enjoyed this beautiful evening. And we had a second round in state mamak. And a 3rd round in msn.

Photos by Rich's N95.
GoOd DaY and GoOdNiGht people~

Friday, June 20, 2008

Chen Moh Primary School

It was the day after ah kam's exam, the feeling of gan jongness after both of us, decided to call our form teacher to attend our gathering wei... super coolness.. haha.. and of course, it was ah kam's idea. anyway, this sunny day, i wasn't shock that they teared down the old block and they wanted to make a new one. But i think it was already quite sometime that they say they want to build the new building.

only dusts and a pile of rocks.... and that banner.. imagine a new building in the future.. can you imagine those days where you're parents or your grandparents fetch you to school? it's still fresh in my mind, till now, maybe it's because i still see my grandfather fetching my sis to school and fetching those little cousins back from school.

Kam said:"they're so small, can we choke slam the little kids (jokingly of course)." The 1st thing we're wondering where is the new office for the teachers. So i thought it was some air conditioned rooms where last time they use for the "smart students" class. Anyway, the guard let us in, cause i think he might remember me and kam's face.... still wondering.. or maybe because he knows my grandpa.. lol.. as if...

then.. kam asked the guard:"mana bilik guru? (in his way of asking)" he pointed at the direction of the hall.. we headed to the hall.. it was like this...

... shocked.. teacher's office dont have aircond wei!!! well.. the last time we saw our form teacher was when we're form 3, we met her in our high school, then now, lol.. i can't imagine me being taller than her.. okay.. i really thought that she was quite tall.. when i was standard six... ahahaha..


the thrill of primary school gathering, new food, new faces.

goodday and goodnight people

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I had one full day at home, 24 hours, havne't been outside for the day. didnt go out yam cha with alex and gang, ffk. lol.. mm dim.. tmrw morning need to go market buy food okay, pai seh.. haha..
well i didnt do anything much today, except fishing on my N95,


coasta rica, south america?

i'm on a quest to look for a sea turtle. the screenshot is something i got on my n95, childish it may sound like, but come on, i'm having my holidays now.. lol.. i'm still 20, well at least a few months before i'm 21.. and i'm out of money as well for the week, so.. staying at home.. fishing.. ahh.. "this is life.." (as if... swt)

why can't we organise an outing trip into the seas huh? why can't we get ourselves a speedboat.. i'm so going to get one, so next time i will spend my holidays on the private luxury speedboat.. so.. it's either a lamborghini or a speedboat.. 2nd goal.. ^^

i mean, come on man, those scenaries are really breathe taking, for a phone at least, it brings you there, let's you imagine what is it like when you're there, on your speed boat, with that fishing rod, the sunset at the end of the day, the stars in the middle of the ocean at night, the sun rising in the morning.


good day and goodnight people..

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Soccer, Euro 2008, well, i'm not so into Euro Cup 2008 because england didnt even qualify for the cup, my goodness, that already made me lose my patience towards them, but after a few days, after a week, I've started to watch again, and my 1st match was France and Italy, both are my favourite countries as they've played really well in the world cup games. But come on, they have to meet each other at the knock out round because Netherlands ta bao the both of them.

Not by 1 or 2 goals, but 3 to 4 goals... gan jong dou ar... now it's the break before 2nd half for the game, and Italy lead the game by 11 players and 1 goal ahead of France. Elaine says Alex tang throws tissue and french fries at the TV because Admiral tackled that player in the penalty box. So pik chik ar.. haha..


Okay gan jong start already.. a very pik chik game for the 2 of the countries. And blogging in front of the game really is a new experience for me.. haha.. gan jong.. watching Italy making those passes by launching the ball heading towards and before the France goal keeper, just gets you to stop breathing for a few seconds. Yellow cards and a Red card... to be continue..

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Genting Updated

Friday evening, days before Alex going to further his studies in Australia, they've suggested for a genting "yam cha" party. So, we've booked a room in Seri Malaysia, not bad actually for a i don't know how many star hotel. but the place is clean enough and i think it's a better choice than to actually drive up all the way to genting and all the way down. So, like Alex suggested, stopping at Gohtong, which is half way up and down the mountain really saved my car and his car alot of services.

So, like I've always said, going up genting is the best part for me of course, the speed and that cornering... satisfied wei... lol... wahahaha... luckily Alex and i didn't drive up genting together at the same time except from gohtong up. lol... next time will make a video out of it.. lol... kkk(ketawa keluar kuat)

the noodles not bad, the drinks not bad, but i just forgot the name of the shop liao. from left, Alex, Benny and Winnie. it's not a very cold night, cooling it is.

makan makan makan.. i had asam laksa, but the taste, i still think penang has the best. so, therefore i shall make my way up to penang. ummph~!

when we're on the way up, and when we're up in genting, we actually caught that white thing passing by the camera.. and then the wind blow so hard.... but they're still smiling, so... it was yew way, Benny, Janice, Winnie and pek li, from left to right. and it's just a joke okay, that white thing was RichardLow. taken with night mode.

Alex want to drink the invisible water from the lady who jaga the toilet one, which, i don't think it's a good idea. then yew way always posing in front of the camera, and Benny, well, emo liao.


Hou Chi hai gam, richard low, wong li-wei, alex tang.

That morning breeze. =)

end of the trip, i didn't drift down genting, was super slow and safe. but the next morning when i was leaving gohtong, lol.. story continues from yam cha sessions.


Good day and goodnight people.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gan Jong

Coming Up Next:

1. Genting Trip (the emo friends)
2. 6C Chen Moh Gathering (primary school friends gathering)
3. Ms's Party (can count as lamers gathering as well)
4. Penang Trip (taylors march intake gathering)
5. Singapore Trip (cousins' trip)
6. 5P3 Gathering (high school friends gathering)
7. Kam's Birthday (who else)
8. Way's Birthday (yee way la)
9. Redang Trip (primary, high school, and uni friends)


Damn Gao Happening Wei......

And i know diu liao my wallet, june and july...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Idiotic Sleepless Nights

Want to sleep properly and then wake up at 4am to study also cannot, why do you have to rain in the middle of the night when i am dreaming that i'm already freaking in australia in that foreign place then u have to drop water on my BED!!!!!! ARGH!!!!




If any winter melon or taufu happen to me during my exams i sure come back and find you..


it's just the roof leaking water in the middle of 2am, that's all. and it dripped on my bed.... that tik.. tik... tik.... argh.. fucking irritating........ IDIOT!~!!@#$%

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Di Tagged Oleh Liying

Di sini saya minta maaf kerana tidak dapat menjawab taggs yang di suruh oleh wan wen and queenie dulu, saya pasti akan menjawab semua-nya selepas peperiksaan akhir saya.

Survey ini perlu dijawab dalam Bahasa Malaysia.

7 fakta tentang saya
1. Saya Orang Malaysia, bukan orang Cina, tapi saya orang hokkien
2. Saya tak biasa cakap dalam bahasa melayu selepas saya graduate dari katholik high
3. Saya sedang belajar di Tolong Universiti Kollege
4. Saya makan banyak tapi masih kurus - kerana saya pandu kereta saya dengan cepat!
5. Saya suka baca buku - betulke?
6. Saya tak suka diTAG - sama dengan liying (Malas nak tag orang)
7. Saya suka benda baru tapi dulan tiap tiap kali mau tukar benda baru, ma fan.

7 perkara menakutkan saya
1. Tiada Internet eksess sebanyak 1 bulan
2. Semua orang hilang
3. Tak tau apa cikgu cakap di dalam kelas
4. gagal peperiksaan saya damn perlu berdepan dengan bapa saya
5. Tiada permainan seperti dota apabila saya sangat bosan
6. orang muka baik tapi hati busuk
7. tiba-tiba tak boleh bangun dari tidur kerana terlalu stress

7 lagu buat masa sekarang
1. BigBang - Tipu
2. Hacken Lee - Lama Lama Akan Kahwin
3. Alex Fong - Tipu orang lain tipu sendiri
4. Daughtry - Siap La Kamu
5. Tiesto - Dia Seorang Lanun
6. David Tao - Lapangan Terbang 1030
7. Teressa Teng - Saya Peduli Awak

7 perkara yang selalu saya sebut
1. Idiot~
2. Nah
3. Mahem
4. Dulan
5. Pik Chik
6. Yala
7. Dan Lame~!!!

7 perkara yang amat bernilai
1. Keluarga and Kawan
2. Komputer riba Saya
3. N95 Saya
4. Makanan Nenek saya
5. Duit saya
6. Pendidikan saya
7. 2 Kertas Statistic Notes Saya

7 "pertama kali" dalam hidup saya
1. Sudah Pak Toh
2. Sudah Lat Toh
3. 3 assignment due dalam satu hari
4. 3 kertas peperiksaan saya siap dalam tiga hari
5. dapat parking VIP di Tolong Universiti Kollege
6. kerja dengan orang lain di tempat yang jauh

7. Menaip dalam Bahasa Malaysia untuk tag ini7 orang bertuah (JAWAB TAG NI BALIK!)
1. Samuel Kam
2. Yin Mei
3. Alex Tang
4. Wan Wen
5. Edward
6. Isteri Saya
7. Sok-Teng
Selamat Sejahtera Dan Selamat Malam

Sunday, June 08, 2008

What do you want?

What do you want? Is a question that my parents always ask me. Can i want nothing of above all? Nothing interests me. All is one and one is all. Why are people differentiating?

Why? Why? Why? Greed? Or to survive? All the answers lead to one source, which is that human nature wanted to survive not to be eaten by predators. Why did i linked it there?

Cause i think everything in this world only exists when you're alive. And it has been always people's mind to differentiate what is one and what is none.

Shit, please do not be influenced by this stupid post. It's nothing but only my thoughts of this world. Damn it. Move on. I feel like it has been the caffein that made me a little high. Lol.

Xiao xun had vanilla latte, and that also made him hyper that he can't sit there to concentrate. Haha. I'm back home now. Relaxing, at least taking a break from financial management. Racing with time.

Everything you do now creates your future, yea, so, if you pursue what you are doing now, can you picture what you will have in the future?

All of this was because i read the personal message on ys's msn nick. He says:"what i want is not what you want, so do not ask me to stop doing from what i want."

Funny sunday.

Blog I Must

Black Pepper Chicken Sandwhich, Hot Caramel Chocolate, Mocha And Chocolate Chips, Mango Passion Fruit, and...

粽子 - My Grandma make one, cause that xiao xun say the last time he ate was 3 years ago.


Vanilla Latte Venti, Black Tea Frappucino Venti and Hot Caramel Chocolate Tall


Caught this fella taking pictures with ah kam, testing their camera phones in the library.. hahaha... just jk.. they're playing battleships, A1, miss, H7 Hit, H8 Hit, Sunk~


what a day. 2 more days to my 1st paper. Gan jong and happy as well. Done my stats paper, 60 percent done for my accounting paper. And to as well nail the financial paper tmrw morning. I mean the exercises. Starbucks and i had a transaction of 50 bucks today. Screwed for my wallet, but the environment was superb. Despite the fella who was leveling with his laptop that made those "bird chirping sounds", all was fine.

I had a new friend and a new teacher for accounting, haha, never in my life i felt so happy after doing accounting. Blessed. Too bad it'll be my last semester for finance and accounting. I'll be going for marketing next semester as my major. Hopefully i will excel much more there. Where creating ideas are my field and my stronghold. Says kam and a few friends of mine.

I shall not give up and i will excel to the best, not only to try my best but to put the best of all i have to give. To you my parents, i will not disappoint, and to country, screw petroleum and let's all start riding to college.

Good day and goodnight.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

use to dream [the 2nd post below has been updated, scroll down, do not x my blog!] just joking.. haha

about riding a bicycle to school. Which that didn't and might not even happen for the rest of my academic life.

But now, i'll be going to taiwan u, taipei 大学, go there to further my further my studies,

The reason behind is i'm sick of driving and now i want to ride. So i can have a taiwanese girlfriend that rides with me to class..

How loving is it? Dream on richardlow, that ain't going to happen here in malaysia. No one will ride a bike to college if everyone drives like you.

Good day and goodnight. Emo.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

16th July 2007 (Revised)

I Remembered Why I Have This Little Agreement with myself, and you guys know why? cause every time when you have assignments, you told yourself, you want to finished it at least a few days before the due date, but in the end, you're still the same every time.

Like Alex tang, lol, he told me we're march intakes, haha, yeah, we finish the assignments last minute. But i guess that will only work for pre u or your 1st year of your degree, but it doesn't work the same way when you're doing your second year of your degree.

The Picture Says It All.
Something to be remembered for my academic life.

Ms was only the witness, i need someone to be my witness to have that contract between Richard low and Richard low to be proven effective.
Yes, that's what the court says, a little note of any kind can be and is able to legally bind you in between.


a playground, which you always brag your mommy or daddy to bring you there when you are just a little kid. ever wonder why that small little thing always kept you from wanting more of it? may it be the colors and the obstacles, you love to explore what's in within the tubes, and you enjoy that wind blowing at your face when you slide down the slide.

every time you climb that small little rope, you imagine yourself like some police or some swat team you saw in the TV just a few days or a few minutes ago. that hands of your from wanting to swing from another monkey bar to another, you wanted to try out new things, beat the unbeatable, therefore when you fall, you got up again. laugh it off.

but what about now? the things around you seem much smaller, you've grown up, the things you want are even bigger now, the things you desire was not those that you've desired when you come out from your mom's stomach, that cry. those smiles on their faces. tell me that you wanted to waste your life now, think again.


This few days I've been talking about ms alot har in my blog, I also wonder why. alot of things happened and from time to time, we learn together, grew together. back then and of course now, even as friends, things seem to calm down after a few months, I started to talk to her again recently, and of course I'm glad that i did. Didn't want to lose a friend and start at the stranger or dulan stage again right?

Nanana, it's nothing okay, every thing's fine here, as what Marcus said to ms and ms said to me back then, when you can talk about your past, you're fine with it already. so, i guess the days are getting brighter har? it sure does feel super awkward in college, i always think, what if ms and Marcus appear in front of me? what should i do?

-the answers? i do not know, but i know one day will come that the 3 of us will sit down together, or maybe 4? lol..-

Even the mahjong tells a story, guess who is who.... hahaha.. i bet you all didn't know what the hell was the mahjong about, may it represent the 3 people, i of course, will be the fat choi =p my blog my story. north south east west, represents the people around us. There is always people who have sides, whether may it be north, south, east or west, they're still tiles, with only lettering on it. Like you and i, we're people, only names and family surnames differentiate us from one another.

When i procrastinate, i game. and that kills all the time, anyway, just to let u all know, i did only game for 3 hours per week. why? i played 6 games, and normally each game you should be using 1 hour to complete it at least, but, after the trauma of a lost game, my cousins and i finished the game with only half an hours time. Gigi Lai, Gigi Leung,


Good day and Goodnight People,

To those who will and are having exams, good luck and all the best.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Very Gan Jong

From Left:" Passer-by1; Samuel Kam; Waitress1; Customer1; Waiter1; Customer2; Waiter1; Yin Mei..." (Just Another Way to describe a photo)

Another piece of wood successfully removed.

Checking out which piece is safe to removed. lol.. the pictures were taken because we wanted to catch the falling scene, which, of course we missed it.

Confused for ym, and gan jong for ah kam, NBA. lol.. Boston Vs Detroit.


I free that time i only tell you all what is all these.
Goodnight and Good day