Saturday, June 14, 2008

Genting Updated

Friday evening, days before Alex going to further his studies in Australia, they've suggested for a genting "yam cha" party. So, we've booked a room in Seri Malaysia, not bad actually for a i don't know how many star hotel. but the place is clean enough and i think it's a better choice than to actually drive up all the way to genting and all the way down. So, like Alex suggested, stopping at Gohtong, which is half way up and down the mountain really saved my car and his car alot of services.

So, like I've always said, going up genting is the best part for me of course, the speed and that cornering... satisfied wei... lol... wahahaha... luckily Alex and i didn't drive up genting together at the same time except from gohtong up. lol... next time will make a video out of it.. lol... kkk(ketawa keluar kuat)

the noodles not bad, the drinks not bad, but i just forgot the name of the shop liao. from left, Alex, Benny and Winnie. it's not a very cold night, cooling it is.

makan makan makan.. i had asam laksa, but the taste, i still think penang has the best. so, therefore i shall make my way up to penang. ummph~!

when we're on the way up, and when we're up in genting, we actually caught that white thing passing by the camera.. and then the wind blow so hard.... but they're still smiling, so... it was yew way, Benny, Janice, Winnie and pek li, from left to right. and it's just a joke okay, that white thing was RichardLow. taken with night mode.

Alex want to drink the invisible water from the lady who jaga the toilet one, which, i don't think it's a good idea. then yew way always posing in front of the camera, and Benny, well, emo liao.


Hou Chi hai gam, richard low, wong li-wei, alex tang.

That morning breeze. =)

end of the trip, i didn't drift down genting, was super slow and safe. but the next morning when i was leaving gohtong, lol.. story continues from yam cha sessions.


Good day and goodnight people.


Jade said...

ei, it's not "object" ok, it's a hair cream. i'll ask alex to get it from u.

and make sure u dont post any STUPID pic.if not...u'll regret it..*evil glares*

RichardLow said...

not afraid.. haha..

Jade said...

yea right.super slow and safe?

so that explains why benny puked when we reached kepong and winnie felt dizzy? hmmmm.....

winnie said...

yea la he doesnt know my feeling sitting at the back..just keep changing gear only and that made u felt that he is so damn yeng..

RichardLow said...

sorry lar.. didnt know you all feeling dizzy mar.. i typed in the blog saying night down from genting was slow and safe, but from gohtong onwards is a different story liao.. ^^

Vicious said...

hahaha i knew they would vomit and feel dizzy.
richard you mm ngam lar..make them so sick..
you see the passengers in my car felt nothing...

Jan said...

haha...felt nth bcoz im strong!!!

wey said...

coz gals in alex's car are stronger!!
and my name is wey not way la!!! =.=