Monday, September 14, 2009

Shit Does Happen

I've had shit happened in my life, and I suppose anyone who reads this now does have their own shit as well. But just an advise to those who think that it's going to be an end to their life, nothing beats you down but you yourself. The worst thing that could happen is really the time when you're dead. Because by then you can't do shit but only to look at your memories, what you have done in your life.

Don't let shit stop you in your life, it's always the shit that makes you stronger. Ask yourself how did you come to this point in life. What was the things that you have done that let you reach to this point in life. But come to think of it, if it wasn't the past, what is the present now?

Yes, I have shit happened in my life, one shit is that I couldn't go Australia to further my studies, am I that sad come to think of it, I asked myself, maybe for the few hours after speaking to the counsellor in Help. So, I'm still here in Malaysia.


This friend of mine asked me to listen to Keri Hilson's Knock You Down, and yeap, I would ask this friend to listen to this song, maybe just the quote, they'd knocked you down, but just get back up. Get back up and start moving. Always ask yourself what's more important. Ask yourself what's next.

Moving on does not mean forgetting about the past. Living with the past does not mean letting go of the past. So please, don't mess up the trick. It will be more challenging if you are willing to look for ways to overcome it.

1. Going Through It.
2. Going Over It.
3. Going Around It.
4. or Immobilize Yourself.


Good Day and Goodnight.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


It was a great month to start with, I don't know why, but it's just great. A great friendship lost was being recovered. It hit me every time I saw her after any event, every time when Big Bang's Haru-Haru was played, it hit me harder.

It is Lp120's one year old, more about this time. Memories come and go, I've learnt to treasure every moment even more. My friend Avene said it might be God's arrangement that this thing happened. For what reason it is, is it worth it?

My answer for this thing will be there's always a trade off for anything you do. Good or bad one might think, there's still a trade off. To some people, sometimes things doesn't really matter that much.

I saw that no matter whatever stuffs that happens to me, it happens for a reason, and there's always a story behind. You know why? It's because the world is always changing, everyone is doing different things now, every second, whatever you do this second, it affects the world.

One might not feel the difference now, but for what you've said today, it can't be erased, it is embelmed in this core of the world, in the minds of the human beings. Your experience with someone today might determine who you'll meet in the future.

I would always say it will be affecting indirectly or directly last time, but as for now, I would like to rephrase this sentence. It would be whatever you do now, will affect you directly. What the hell do people mean by indirectly when the thing is actually related to you? Isn't that still called directly?


I had great days with the lamers, these people are just friends who happened to be, my friend. I know who would stay by me no matter how I look, I saw people changed because my face just had lots of pimples, my cousins did not neglect me, nor my family, nor my close friends. And I'm glad that you guys have stayed with me.

Yesterday evening was great, just hanging out, it was enough, I just want to do these more, maybe once a week will just do, at least when I do really die, I know that I had a great time with my friends. To Kam and Way, 16 years of friendship, cheers. To Yin Mei, 6 years of friendship, cheers. To Ming Shiu, whoever you are to me for all the times, cheers.


And ya, now to my complaints of the day on why was I so pik chik this morning, I was on a mission to Klang, the problem here was that I got stucked in Klang, a place which I would not go, a place I would avoid unless really important matters like Alison Lee's Klang Birthday Party when I was in Taylors. Unless my dad brings me there for Bak Kut Teh. Unless it was seafood with the lamers, a food which I dislike.

STUCKED IN KLANG FOR 3 Hours.... Goodness.. All the way I was thinking of the male ego thing, does it really work, as for today's conclusion, it doesn't work. In the end, directions given were not clear, no landmarks, just turn here, turn there.... So, it was the Google Maps that provided me with great help, my location was exact, the Kilometers were exact, indication was without lag.

Today's trade off was, low on petrol, low on cash, low on battery, risk of tyre puncture in the end resolved from the spare tyre that I lent to my friend Buffy, in the end his spare tyre was with me and mine is with him. Some trade eh.


So you guys see, when you have 2 close friends could actually be couples and get married, but they were seperated due to some reasons which was made unclear, but as for now, both of them were still single, and still ai mei ai mei like that. To you readers who are reading this post, please wish them all the best.


Signing in for tmrw's tutorial class.

Good day people, and Goodnight.