Saturday, December 27, 2008


Sometimes again, it is always sometimes that I start my blog with sometimes.

So sometimes, have you ever asked yourself who you really are? Yeah, you gave me your name but who are you? Some people tell me that they're their soul. Okay, who is your soul? Then they say my soul is me la. Orh, then who are you? I am (insert name here) la. Ooohkay.. You still haven't answer my question yet seriously, who is (insert name here). And I can tell you that the answer is called I don't know.

Then again, ask yourself who you really are. It really is pathetic when there are people who will take other people's life. What right do you have to take another beings life? Call someone a murderer, and what right do you have to call yourself not one just because all you eat is chicken. Hmm.. Do I even have the right to say all of these, I do not.

Yes, I admit that I still consume and eat chicken and all that. Therefore, I have taken quite a few of the other living being's life. And I have heard real upfront stories like people who would say things and do things like:"what right does he have to live? what right does this person who doesn't even have education live? he is poor, filthy and uneducated."

Well, the question to this person would be (yes, if you are reading my mind, it is the same thing) :"what right do you have to live" is what I would ask this person. Looking at the news where people would dirty up the environment because they feel happy or high and because it's Christmas. Sad thing though, if this person who would have a child at this age, imagine how the world would multiply.

So when one person says that:"what can I do? I'm just a small human being living on this planet where no one will notice me." Well, if no one will notice you now, if you have kids, that thing you throw, that person you punched, those words you have said, those enemies you have made, would eventually strike your younger generation.

It just takes one to make a stand, takes one to live a meaningful life. So start living one, do not use plastic bags if your hands are able to carry the items. Eat less meat as fruits and vegetables are indeed food as well. Play less computer games and start making friends and start to know the other brothers you have in this world, whose father is just another name. If you have the government is lame, do something about it rather than just sit in the coffee shop and talk about the government.

You know that when you do something about the complaints you're making, the world would be a better place, even though it would be not for you, but it would be for the people around you. It is called a ripple effect, a stone that fell into the water will have the ripple effect, it will be bigger. Oh, if you do say that whatever you do no one will notice you? You're just selfish. I am selfish and I know that, why? Because this all came from my experience.

And if you're reading this Abstract post and you have finished until this point, congratulations. Let you and I start making a stand, to have this world a better place for you and yours to live in.

I am Richard Low, but I don't know who I am. Living in this world of dream, you have a choice to make decisions, it paints your future, it paints the colors of life, it breathes life into your dream, you have one life to make decisions, treasure it, make it happen.

Let yourself be a leader to others, when everyone is being fed, your hunger will be taken care of. It is just that simple. I will always love all of you, because you are the people who painted my life with colors, my ups and downs are credited to everyone of you. Just because of you, I am who I am today.

Thank You. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May everything you touch turns into gold.

Abstract Cum Video & Lyrics

"If Everyone Cared"
From underneath the trees,
we watch the sky
Confusing stars for satellites
I never dreamed that you'd be mine
But here we are, we're here tonight
Singing Amen, I, I'm alive
Singing Amen, I, I'm alive
[Chorus:]If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
Then we'd see the day when nobody died
And I'm singing
Amen I, Amen I, I'm alive
Amen I, Amen I, Amen I, I'm alive
And in the air the fireflies
Our only light in paradise
We'll show the world they were wrong
And teach them all to sing along
Singing Amen, I, I'm alive
Singing Amen, I, I'm alive(I'm alive)[Chorus x2]
And as we lie beneath the stars
We realize how small we are
If they could love like you and me
Imagine what the world could be
If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
Then we'd see the day when nobody died
When nobody died...[Chorus]
We'd see the day, we'd see the day
When nobody died
We'd see the day, we'd see the day
When nobody died
We'd see the day when nobody died

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

The Parade like Christmas, Mid Valley.

The Cicak Pose, Cicak man/woman X.
The 1st Decoration.

The 1st Sky View, Sky Bar.

The Bottles' Christmas Hanging Tree, Bangsar Village II.

The Set.


Hereby wish everyone a very merry christmas and a happy new year and may everything you touch turns into gold.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Upon arrival at Berjaya Beach Resort.

That view.

That lunch.

The leaf.

The sunset.

The brothers.

The brothers II.

The sea.

The crab.

The Love.

The home.

The hope.

The replacement.

The reflection.

The end.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Asiaworks Leadership Program 120

These bunch of friends, made out of ages between 21 and 58. I know them through my Asiaworks Leadership Program, and I can tell you guys all about them. Why? Because this is my blog. LOL
Every part of them, I learn. My birthday present isn't just about one evening having dinner with my friends or family and having to kill a Lamb just to get the best roast lamb. It is all about people. 32 people, plus myself, I got to learn so much.
I have teachers and lecturers who I can talk with, advertising people, accounting people, finance people, marketing people, multi- level marketing people, hair stylist, managers and me myself being a student.
These 90 days is not because of me, myself and I. It is about giving back to the world, giving out and reaching out to people, touching lives of others, doing community service, being in service of the society.
This feeling of being a giver instead of taking, thinking what can I get from this particular person or what the hell can this person do for me. It is all about the people around me. What kind of things can I do so that they can get the best out of me.
I learn every second I talk to them. They have me realize how important to have a really strong family and having me to know how to build a stronger relationship than I have had before with people around me. And that is why I am so pissed off with people telling me that I do not have time for them.
I live 24 hours a day until all my pimples were popping out of my face. I care about my complexion people and mind you people should know that I am farking vain.
I studied about Gandhi through out my journey. I want to be like him, although not physically but spiritually. I want to see Malaysia as Malaysians instead of Malays, Chinese or Indians. This unity will be the root of the Malaysian Ringgit soring up above other countries.
I am blessed with people around me. And I was appreciated for who I am with these people. Acknowledged for the things I have done, at 21, I was reaching out to people. I am arragont and I am proud of who I am. Rich Kid you may call me, I am in my head.


My journey with these beautiful people ended. It is a new beginning of an ending.

Rock Climbing Event
From right to left: Yoong, Buffy and Elle.
3am after clubbing at Quadro, McDonald's Bandar Utama.

Janice, Jackie and Elle

Azmina & Ruby


Before going up the hill into the rocks for sunrise. This group photo was taken, 18 of us. The oldest to climb with us was about 58 and 62. Husband and wife, the wife Jamilah was doing the leadership program together with me. And man you're telling me age is a factor for adventure sports. We had 3 experienced people guiding us. One of them was Timmy, Linus and Dennis.
I was indeed with my Camel leather shoes for this climb. LOL.

Yea, pimple face, but it is worth it though for the sunrise. With Janice and Jackie taking a photo about 430am in the morning. Only half of us brought torch lights, so it was kinda dark. But it was fun though, I didnt see any mountain ghost here except for Timmy and Elle putting the torch to their faces.

One of the many sunrise shots I took with my N95.

We were on top of the cliff for sunrise, the photos you saw at my title of the blog was a macro shot taken.

And yeap, people do encounter accidents during trekking, it was fun and the value gotten out from this climb was priceless memories I will have with my friends during these 90 days.

And of course, we do have a companion which I name it Wong Choi. This dog trekked all the way up with us, about 1 and a half hours journey. Loyal dog as he was following Linus because Linus fed him bread before we started our journey.

And yeap, that's all for now.

Good Day & Goodnight People.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Saturday Night cum Sunday Morning

Quadro Club, Avenue K, Autumn...

Not very satisfying, 1st impression gone case. The club is so pack, and the club only lets people keep coming in, imagine a place where you can only move a quater step to the place in front, behind, left or right of you. Sometimes people just feel like moving on in life, just want to invite people around him to be with him and to enjoy or to experience what is it like.

Friends do come and go but who are the ones that will walk with you and to understand what does the friend want for his life. I thought that I have not been understanding towards all of your needs and wants, yeah, it was all my fault that I do not spend much time with you guys. Fuck it, when was the last time you all really thought of what have I been doing is for all of you?

Do you think I would even waste my time for you guys if you weren't even important to me? Just a stupid clubbing night out, a few stupid wrong timings, and a few unattended birthday parties you guys have left me in the state of emergency where ouh:"richard has his own life already, he doesn't even care about us anymore, he has this girl, he has his new friends..."


Didn't I invite you guys to join me for my outings? Did I ignore you when you needed help? What have I done over these few years that you guys have forgotten about it? I am just living life like I want it to be, excellent, exciting, adventourous, and most of all Happening. Didn't I tell you guys that it is only 3 months that I am undergoing this training?

4 fuckers just screws up my day. If you think that I am not thinking of the 4 of you all the time, think again. I'm just so tired going after the 4 of you, it fucking drains my energy and it kills my confidence level when I can't even talk to the 4 of you. My confidence level drops the most when it is the 4 of you having to say:" richard has left us and been with others."

Just what I needed the most is the things that the 4 of you have taken away from me. Just when the times that I know I can do much more than what I have been doing, one stupid comment has taken it again away from me. What I needed the most is actually the 4 of you standing beside me all the time.

Instead of dragging me away, I would rather have the 4 of you supporting what I am doing instead of just telling me that I do not care about the 4 of you. I do not care about what the 5 of us has been doing in the past. When I have found myself, I am lost again. Fuck.

Thank you.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

November.. Rainy Season

Rain rain... Rain la.. Everytime rain... rain until my car also don't know when to go for car wash or when to let it stone at home.. so yeah, decided to bring my car for a car wash.. then see what happen.... Rain... =\


But then again, it's cleaner on the inside. =)


Social Bangsar, Wednesday Night Out, early birthday celebration.

The Cake.

The chocolate, The Box, The Hippo (Canadian Moose Ranger).

Jackie & Nicolette.

They don't like to take picture, no choice, candid lor.
Dani enjoying his pie.
Mimi, Charlie and Faisal. That Bojito is nice.
Sophia & Timmy. HeHe. =]

Nicolette & Buffy. They just want to take a picture with that aquarium.

Now Yoong takes a picture with Jenny.

My turn! Happy Birthday! This post is for you.

Well, I did it. Performed my violin in the public. Learn Canon in D. Played the full song, violin solo version designed and composed by my violin teacher. My duet keyboard player Crystal.

Been there, Done that. Of course there was a little bit of crowd. My next challenge will be to play my violin on the LRT. Watch me. WAHAHAHAHA....

My Senior feels like a musician. Yeap, you do not have to play any music to be a musician. There you have my co-ordinator, and Sophia.

Kam's Photography. It is indeed very breathetaking. If you are interested in purchasing some photos, please e-mail me. I am happy to assist. It is definitely not about who's photos are better. It is just the moment that matters.

Jackie - Pontianak

Yong - .....

Euphoria, Ministry of Sound. VIP Room above the crowds.

It was a Saturday Night out, and I went because I want to have fun with these 2 most important people in my life.

My Parents

Who says age is a factor?


To enjoy the best ice-cream in town, you just gotta have it in your house. Baskin Robins 31, Jamocca Almond. 1/3 of a bucket.


Good day, Goodnight.