Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Asiaworks Leadership Program 120

These bunch of friends, made out of ages between 21 and 58. I know them through my Asiaworks Leadership Program, and I can tell you guys all about them. Why? Because this is my blog. LOL
Every part of them, I learn. My birthday present isn't just about one evening having dinner with my friends or family and having to kill a Lamb just to get the best roast lamb. It is all about people. 32 people, plus myself, I got to learn so much.
I have teachers and lecturers who I can talk with, advertising people, accounting people, finance people, marketing people, multi- level marketing people, hair stylist, managers and me myself being a student.
These 90 days is not because of me, myself and I. It is about giving back to the world, giving out and reaching out to people, touching lives of others, doing community service, being in service of the society.
This feeling of being a giver instead of taking, thinking what can I get from this particular person or what the hell can this person do for me. It is all about the people around me. What kind of things can I do so that they can get the best out of me.
I learn every second I talk to them. They have me realize how important to have a really strong family and having me to know how to build a stronger relationship than I have had before with people around me. And that is why I am so pissed off with people telling me that I do not have time for them.
I live 24 hours a day until all my pimples were popping out of my face. I care about my complexion people and mind you people should know that I am farking vain.
I studied about Gandhi through out my journey. I want to be like him, although not physically but spiritually. I want to see Malaysia as Malaysians instead of Malays, Chinese or Indians. This unity will be the root of the Malaysian Ringgit soring up above other countries.
I am blessed with people around me. And I was appreciated for who I am with these people. Acknowledged for the things I have done, at 21, I was reaching out to people. I am arragont and I am proud of who I am. Rich Kid you may call me, I am in my head.


My journey with these beautiful people ended. It is a new beginning of an ending.

Rock Climbing Event
From right to left: Yoong, Buffy and Elle.
3am after clubbing at Quadro, McDonald's Bandar Utama.

Janice, Jackie and Elle

Azmina & Ruby


Before going up the hill into the rocks for sunrise. This group photo was taken, 18 of us. The oldest to climb with us was about 58 and 62. Husband and wife, the wife Jamilah was doing the leadership program together with me. And man you're telling me age is a factor for adventure sports. We had 3 experienced people guiding us. One of them was Timmy, Linus and Dennis.
I was indeed with my Camel leather shoes for this climb. LOL.

Yea, pimple face, but it is worth it though for the sunrise. With Janice and Jackie taking a photo about 430am in the morning. Only half of us brought torch lights, so it was kinda dark. But it was fun though, I didnt see any mountain ghost here except for Timmy and Elle putting the torch to their faces.

One of the many sunrise shots I took with my N95.

We were on top of the cliff for sunrise, the photos you saw at my title of the blog was a macro shot taken.

And yeap, people do encounter accidents during trekking, it was fun and the value gotten out from this climb was priceless memories I will have with my friends during these 90 days.

And of course, we do have a companion which I name it Wong Choi. This dog trekked all the way up with us, about 1 and a half hours journey. Loyal dog as he was following Linus because Linus fed him bread before we started our journey.

And yeap, that's all for now.

Good Day & Goodnight People.

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