Saturday, December 27, 2008


Sometimes again, it is always sometimes that I start my blog with sometimes.

So sometimes, have you ever asked yourself who you really are? Yeah, you gave me your name but who are you? Some people tell me that they're their soul. Okay, who is your soul? Then they say my soul is me la. Orh, then who are you? I am (insert name here) la. Ooohkay.. You still haven't answer my question yet seriously, who is (insert name here). And I can tell you that the answer is called I don't know.

Then again, ask yourself who you really are. It really is pathetic when there are people who will take other people's life. What right do you have to take another beings life? Call someone a murderer, and what right do you have to call yourself not one just because all you eat is chicken. Hmm.. Do I even have the right to say all of these, I do not.

Yes, I admit that I still consume and eat chicken and all that. Therefore, I have taken quite a few of the other living being's life. And I have heard real upfront stories like people who would say things and do things like:"what right does he have to live? what right does this person who doesn't even have education live? he is poor, filthy and uneducated."

Well, the question to this person would be (yes, if you are reading my mind, it is the same thing) :"what right do you have to live" is what I would ask this person. Looking at the news where people would dirty up the environment because they feel happy or high and because it's Christmas. Sad thing though, if this person who would have a child at this age, imagine how the world would multiply.

So when one person says that:"what can I do? I'm just a small human being living on this planet where no one will notice me." Well, if no one will notice you now, if you have kids, that thing you throw, that person you punched, those words you have said, those enemies you have made, would eventually strike your younger generation.

It just takes one to make a stand, takes one to live a meaningful life. So start living one, do not use plastic bags if your hands are able to carry the items. Eat less meat as fruits and vegetables are indeed food as well. Play less computer games and start making friends and start to know the other brothers you have in this world, whose father is just another name. If you have the government is lame, do something about it rather than just sit in the coffee shop and talk about the government.

You know that when you do something about the complaints you're making, the world would be a better place, even though it would be not for you, but it would be for the people around you. It is called a ripple effect, a stone that fell into the water will have the ripple effect, it will be bigger. Oh, if you do say that whatever you do no one will notice you? You're just selfish. I am selfish and I know that, why? Because this all came from my experience.

And if you're reading this Abstract post and you have finished until this point, congratulations. Let you and I start making a stand, to have this world a better place for you and yours to live in.

I am Richard Low, but I don't know who I am. Living in this world of dream, you have a choice to make decisions, it paints your future, it paints the colors of life, it breathes life into your dream, you have one life to make decisions, treasure it, make it happen.

Let yourself be a leader to others, when everyone is being fed, your hunger will be taken care of. It is just that simple. I will always love all of you, because you are the people who painted my life with colors, my ups and downs are credited to everyone of you. Just because of you, I am who I am today.

Thank You. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May everything you touch turns into gold.


NicholasZx said...

Lead the world to the next level

diane said...

good one.. im inspired by this post! =) happy new year richard! 2009 be outrageous!

Richard Low said...

thank you for allowing me to inspire you through a blog post diane. =)

and of course brother, let's go.