Thursday, June 19, 2008


I had one full day at home, 24 hours, havne't been outside for the day. didnt go out yam cha with alex and gang, ffk. lol.. mm dim.. tmrw morning need to go market buy food okay, pai seh.. haha..
well i didnt do anything much today, except fishing on my N95,


coasta rica, south america?

i'm on a quest to look for a sea turtle. the screenshot is something i got on my n95, childish it may sound like, but come on, i'm having my holidays now.. lol.. i'm still 20, well at least a few months before i'm 21.. and i'm out of money as well for the week, so.. staying at home.. fishing.. ahh.. "this is life.." (as if... swt)

why can't we organise an outing trip into the seas huh? why can't we get ourselves a speedboat.. i'm so going to get one, so next time i will spend my holidays on the private luxury speedboat.. so.. it's either a lamborghini or a speedboat.. 2nd goal.. ^^

i mean, come on man, those scenaries are really breathe taking, for a phone at least, it brings you there, let's you imagine what is it like when you're there, on your speed boat, with that fishing rod, the sunset at the end of the day, the stars in the middle of the ocean at night, the sun rising in the morning.


good day and goodnight people..

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