Friday, August 08, 2008


"Once in a hundred years time."

Okay, so what, it's not like I've lived over 100 years to see this day coming right? It was just another blurry morning for me, waking up by the sunlight that irritates me. The cooling fan that was so chilling that makes me want to tug myself into my blanket. Wondering what will the day bring me, or maybe I thought that what should I do to create the day.

You do it, you have something, when you do not do it, you have nothing, and there goes your blog richardlow, nothing to update. It's just another boring few paragraph post. One of my friends say that blogging is lifeless, but I totally disagree with that statement. And because of that, I know that I only blog when I have some event or something that I want to keep it for my memories.

Argh, gotta go and make payment for my subjects. I was actually very pissed off about yesterday that some students were picking up fights with the teacher, and they thought they are very logic in the sense that they think themselves are being superior than the lecturer. Come on people, you 2 just freaking spoiled my day, spoiled my freaking morning.


But I'm fine now, looking at this fat dog. Any fire also will be put off. See him so chilling over there, the cooling marble floor. When you think of calling him to get out of the house, you would also think twice and just let him be. Chilling. LoL

Fat Dog

Oh, after my mom's one of her LP nights we went to lookout point and had a family dinner, and I can surely remember that night. It was one of the PMS night when I said something very lame and suddenly got pissed off for no reason to an old friend. =\ But thankfully she forgave me.

Lookout Point, Family Dinner @ gasOnline cafe <--- (the food sucks there)


The shot that makes me want to get an DSLR even more. Now I know why ms was so looking forward to getting an SLR camera. A 5mp camera phone is not enough. Now, how do I maximise another 100 percent from my N95, anyone with any ideas to share about photography?

Koi Pond at Nicole's Place


Going back home after mahjong. That wallpaper that will always remind me of the trip to Redang with the Lamers and the Helpians. But it has also reminded me of the sun that was late for sunrise. But at least I've got something out of it.

Sunrise at Redang.

Good Day, Goodnight

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