Monday, August 31, 2009

suddenly, just didn't know how to start this post?
but i just started it, have i not?
it was just because of the 1st step that this blog post started moving.

it is just like a conversation, and the thoughts in your mind.
for some reasons, when you think too much, you just get paralyzed by the thoughts.

now.. where to start? asiaworks? well it was the thing i did this evening,
met Avene there again after so long, and the new kids on the block, although it changed because Lawrence was using the thermometer to check the temperatures. lol
went to tea with Avene and had a long chat about stuffs,

=======chapter missing======

so later in the evening went out with the brothers, I think time really does changes everything, everyone grew older, or can i say more matured. people around me, girls thinking about marriage, guys thinking about money.

the difference here about the guys and the girls, guys want to secure a future for the girl, and the girl wants to feel secured. that's the natural law of attraction. it's not because love some people get together though, but it was love that people get together as well. because of the word love, guys work harder to secure a future for their love ones. because of love the girl gives in their valuable love to a guy.

it's hard to earn more money to secure a future, but it is harder to secure a relationship and bring it to the next level. being in a relationship, one has to sacrifice a lot, their time. in which this time can be used to do alot of things. these things include family time, time for friends, time for career, time for studies, time for your own brothers, time for improvement.

was it love of attraction or was it the love of afraid of losing the other half?

=======paragraph missing==========

Selamat Hari Merdeka to all Malaysians.
One Malaysia. A country with difference is what makes Malaysia unique today.

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