Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today whole day damn bei la
go to class at 8
went back home at 10
because some stupid car blocked gao me
then i call gao the fella
damn gao pik chik
waited for 20 minutes
then i send gao him a message
what gave you the right to waste my time?
then went home wanted to on9
xps couldn't turn on
then use n95 to go on9 to look for the number
the bloddy website so damn gao alot of things,
also dont know where to find the number
then found
transfer to 3 places
okay, after that go back to college at 2
and it started raining, what a great day
went there, lecture starts at 230
ends at 4pm
without any tips given
going back home that time, rain again
phone no battery
didnt get to talk to
more pik chik

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