Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mid & End of October 2009 Edits

How's the song? The picture above are those who came for my birthday party, 22nd one. Yea, it was really pretty simple, what do you expect for a student? It was a real last minute work again, it did not rain that day, and my grandma cooked, my friends loved her food. And I'm seriously proud of having her as my grandma. My grandpa did some little sponsor for the beer.. hehehe.. it was just carlsberg though, it was more than enough for what they have done for me for all these years.

My 2nd uncle and my dad having breakfast in Bangsar Nature's Cafe. Vegetarian Dim sum with my grandma as well. Life it is at their mid point check. To reach the mid point, one must keep it up from the start. You guys are my inspiration.

The naughty one, creative, intelligent, but mischievous. Sometimes whatever he is doing in PJ reminds me of what I have been doing when I was small. Many ideas, but was often stopped by alot of people from achieving it.

The tea break during the Saturday meeting.

Good day and Goodnight.

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