Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tree Party 2009, WildAsia

Fruit I suppose
Purple wild flower ?

Yellow jungle flower ?


Some articles by WIldAsia.

The Jungle Trekking Route

Beii with her small group Escorted by 2 scouts.

Mary Kay Participating in the Tree Party

The props for tree planting.

These 2 Kids Looking for clues like true Malaysians.

Treasure Hunt Starting

I think these bunch of people... (Please Click to see what they are trying to say)

I think if this is not an art, it must be vandalism in the Islamic school.

I notice one thing, all these radio stations are from astro.

The Discovery House Team
Mid Valley Gardens - The Spade

Sneak Preview

The Finishing Business

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Alison said...

oi, captions leh? we dunno how to link the pictures to one another lah -.-