Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mr Tay's Birthday

14 year old friend. Mr Tay, Yee Way. By the way, that is ym's sister's shades he is wearing on his head. Haha!! 21 years old, we all went to ulu langat again, not lookout point, but some seafood restaurant. The food there was not bad actually, the fried taufu, taste really crispy. The yok choi fish was definitely something new and the yok choi tong was really tasty. The braised duck well, not bad, but it would be better if the food is a little warmer. Then we have paku vegetable as well.
In ym's car while waiting for kenny to teach her how to use the camera.

Way's birthday cake, nothing written on top but in the end we used toothpick to write the letterings on it. Great idea. =)

The lamers once again, full gang. And seriously, I look damn fair beside the kakak ms and birthday boy. Lol

Way receiving his birthday present from Fiona, the monkey on the toilet bow that was holding onto a banana.

It sure tastes damn nice. Seafood with coconut drink.

Kakak ms whole night pressing the phone, anti social like they say. XD

kakak pek hoi the durian. Way's "birthday present" as well.
The next day, saturday evening, Way hosted a thai food birthday celebration for himself. With him on the dinner were:
LiangKo and ZhiXin

JX and Jo

Ys and WanWen

Ah Kam and Ym.

And of course it was me who is holding the camera. Where Way recieves his birthday present from us. Tough Wallet. He prefers the paper bag even more than the wallet. =\

Everyone's standing up because the table is very small, and everyone's doing their thing to clear the food, which is to devide it so that everyone will have their own share of the portion.

Ym organising the tom yam soup. 200 bucks for 10 dishes, and for 10 people. Not bad har for the price and for the food? It was definitely mouth watering.

The straw hat with the light bulb in it. Marks the 21st birthday of Way.


Good day and Goodnight People.

And Way, here I wish you all the best, for your health, studies, wealth.

Happy Birthday!!

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