Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I Dedicate this post to all my AsiaWorks Friends MB120

If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have hugged my mom and dad. I remember it was the very long years that I once last hugged my dad and my brother. I let that ego down, there they were, in front of me in my graduation day. The 1st flowers that I actually recieved in my life from MY MOM!!!! ^^

To some people I told them I went for a self development course. And yes I did of course over the past 5 days. It started off on a Wednesday evening, my 1st thoughts in there were like, okay~ let's see what the trainer has got to say in front tonight and you better get my money worth RM1850. So, it was Asia Works I'm talking about.

Thank you to my parents. Who at 1st they "forced" me to go. I insisted and I resisted even I made excuses up for that. I realized and I'm super aware after my training that those excuses I've made was like this example:"I've got to leave that slot of the week open for my friends and family outings la." (which that slot is just ngam ngam hou blank; talking about fate)

My experience with Asia Works was really fascinating. I was really feeling every feelings I have in life. Those were the things I've had throughout the awareness training. The training brought us together, even closer for us as a smaller group of 9 plus a staff leader. 10 Crazy group members under the name of Foo-Yoh! (lame idea)


It was Saturday night of the training and I know it's going to get emo after Sunday night, seriously emo part because of the parting, and I again started out with the camera (I mean my N95). So these were only part of my Foo-Yoh! members. Hehe.

Well, Avene and Anne always say I only look for leng luis to take photos with. Ya meh~ See, the 2 of you are filtering me, haha... We can discuss this over tea session, have a little debate then. And by the way I think that Ary looks like a celebrity.

The picture above is really 90% complete. One more member missing. Okay, let's introduce them in my blog. ^^ The top from left we have Kob, Foo (Staff, and Team Leader), Kim Hock, Azrina. And now the bottom from the left we have me, Avene, Nicolette, Kelvin and Anne. =)

The crazy people always click together. What Avene and Anne says about Foo, and why did we choose her is because we find Foo to be a very crazy person, and of course for my part, I believe the crazy people always attract the crazy people. Hahaha.. It was the last group lunch in KFC on Sunday afternoon.


Sunday Evening, a place where no boundaries meet. Globalization does not have the meaning and intention to influence others to become the same like you but it only has the intention and the meaning for you to communicate with others with a language that you understand. Globalization is about understanding but not influencing.

Tye, Richard and Nicholas. Asia Works is the best place to meet new people in the world. We discuss about everything we have in life with no boundaries.

The couples from Brunei, Adeline and Kiat. Even 30 years old still play Dota and they understand the meaning of friends kicking asses and having fun together. ^^

Well, no matter how old or how young are you, we still speak. Ong. Do you sometimes realize that when you want to speak to the other person beside you when you're on the bus or on the train, you tend to stop yourself from doing so. But from this training, I let it all out, I talked to everyone who's beside me, which in return, I realized that they did have something in mind that he might want to ask you.

And so the words continues into conversations and continues into a closer friendship. 6.4 billion people in this world. If it wasn't fate that brought you people together, what was it? Coincidence? I think not.

And whoa, I met a few seniors there, and seriously, 2 of them, Kok Kiat and Lee Chin. Help University College Business Degree Holder Seniors. I couldn't even believe it that I was given so many oppurtunities that even if I let everything go by just making excuses? Who was the stupid one in life.

Richard, Suresh and Tye. A Chinese, an Indian and a Korean. For 21 years of my life, this holiday was the most educational and most experiential holidays in my life. For having such great friends and talks with them.

Zaim and Ary, Malay friends that reminds me of my childhood friend when I was 7 years old. Humans were never the same, you think you've understand all of them? In fact you are only generalizing and cornering yourself to your own beliefs.

Here is the part where I introduce Avene. Haha, one of the leng luis in my group. And yes, that is Anne's hand in the picture. Haha. I acknowledged.

Well, the super con and insulter leng lui in my group, Anne. In which it defines a consultant. Zha me gao gao. Super Zha Dao!! LOL

Nicolette, well what I will want to say about her is that she is a totally different person when the 1st day I met her, and another person after the 5 days course. She is also another leng lui in my group. I know Avene and Anne will surely say:"see~"

FOO-YOH!! Our group leader in which her name is actually Foo. I think she has that feeling of Oh My GOd~ Why do I get these crazy team mates. LOL. But she is definitely a very committed person and a very dedicated person. With all respect.

Her name is Ruby. Another leng lui la, okay okay.. Avene and Anne.. Until now I can imagine the 2 of you saying:"see see" LOL. The night after graduation we did not go for the protest on fuel hike with the crowd. Instead we all went to TreeHouse in uptown. For a drink or two or more~ ^^

From left Suresh, Richard and Foo (not the Foo-Yoh! Group Leader). It didn't just end in AsiaWorks, but I find out that it never actually ends. It is a live learning experience. We are the very same people who believe in God, and we are the same people that has come from a different religion with different religious beliefs.

Her name is Irene. I always thought that no matter people say, it always depends on how old are they in life. And that belief let me looked down on my own point of views in life. Which it kept me from excelling and to provide others with my point of view. And I mean contribute to others not to challenge their point of view.


The fan effect picture.

Later on Kob walked passed us and walked on stage. And he sang How Do I Live Without You. And mind you readers, he is from Thailand. I can't deny that the feeling of lumness was there. And I can see that from the girls who were screaming over there and the guys cheering for Kob as well.

There you go, the one part of Asia Works people who were at Tree House uptown, cheering for Kob and singing along with him.


By insisting on a group photo, only then the people settled down to take a nice group photo. ^^



Have a GoOd DaY and GoOdNiGht People! ^^


Jan said...

looks like u have a lotsa fun there!!

RichardLow said...

i certainly did Janice. =)

NicholasZx said...

yo~we both do gained another experience from there~ the experience we gain from there does worth 1850 XD... i feel like finish my avdance on this coming september~^^

RichardLow said...

alright bro, i'll be going for advance in august. lol. see you there man.

diane said...

hey richard! nice way to sum it all up! take care! see u!