Saturday, July 12, 2008

Alex Tang's Evening and Cousins' Night Out

Deng, Alex fly already, and then sok teng will also be leaving already. Sien lor wei. One year only mar. Very fast one. Actually no comment, just let us study hard and graduate with flying colors during our university years. Enjoy the only years as a uni student.


For the cousins, we've grown up together. Just 4 years back I look at myself at those pictures I feel so noobish. Even ah jie also says that 4 years back they were just little kids and now 4 years later, they're singing K with her, and it's a midnight K.

Our 2nd brother is back home now, back for good from England. Though he did change but he will always be our 2nd brother. I have very little memories about him when we're small because of our age difference. But like what they say, when you're 18, and when someones 20 something, things tends to change, as in you can click easier. The outings, the common things and the common jargon you speak.

The lovely crazy big sister. What is there to say about her, is that, don't judge the book by it's cover. She looks after her siblings very well. Being the eldest cousin sister in the family, she is the 1st to get married. She has grown up alot and she is definitely a very matured lady compared to the past.

The 2 ever brothers, always discussing matters about dota with loud tones of their voice. This means that they're very into the game that they did not realize how loud they have been discussing about the game. Despite dota, they're very caring towards each other. Speaking to each of them, you will see their commitment towards certain things.

Introducing the married couple and the sister. Our 姐夫 was the spender of the night. It must be a pain in the ass for the month but they always ask us not to spend money. They were there until 4am in the morning with us. And they can really drink Leong Char.

Our 4th sister and 2nd sister, who the 4th one only comes to the karaoke sessions for the second time. I think she did enjoy herself that night as we all have been enjoying ourselves. Not very much memories with her but the only thing I always remember is that we have worked as part time in my mom's company.

Okay, I look red har. Nothing much to comment about that, the girl with the crazy hood and the crazy hair? You guess who.

This is not a very good picture. 18sx please. LOL

The graduates from AsiaWork meets up again with a common interest for the family. =)

The lovely cousin sister being a little tipsy, giving her the tightest hug she ever have from me after I don't know when is the last time the hug was given by one of us.

Did you notice that we're almost the same? That low family look. I mean the handsome and good looking low family brothers. LOL

Looking cool, the person holding the camera i mean the n95 has her hands shaken, that's why it's another kind of effect for the picture. =)



Jade said...

what one year ONLY? one year is damn long ok?

NicholasZx said...

yoooo~ enjoy the moment we had~squad getting bigger and bigger~