Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wouldn't mind watching watchmen for the 2nd time

The old school superheroes. Dead, one by one. I was guessing in the movie who would be the assassin, and yeap, it was that dude.

It's like packing everything into one.

This lady here thinks that her outfit looks hideous, that's the conversation she has la. Too many dialogues in the movie I suppose that's why people do not like it.
Seriously, I don't know what really attracts me about these kind of movie, probably the way I look at things which I can say, quite different from the things a layman would see. Probably, in this watchmen, so many scenes represents so many different incidents in life.

The characters each have their own personality, even the politicians, the president, the people, and even the super heroes. Have you watched the hong kong series on supernatural incidents? 怪谈 (Guai Tam in cantonese)

There is an incident where they say if you die out of a normal death, for instance a car accident or something which lead you to your death and that it is an accident and you still have unfinished business in this life? You are unrest, and when you're unrest you tend to repeat the same old mistakes again, and again and again, for... Let's say until someone notices you and helps you reincarnate in life.

So, what is your unfinished business? Life is indeed very funny, people do not learn until something bad really happens, for instance the lost of the head of the family. It unites the people. Everything is made out of molecules. Which includes your skin, your handphone, your everything.

Watchmen, that superhero which has that logic, "eliminate millions to save billions" Yeah, you would think what kind of crap is that, but ironically, some people do think like that. Talking about fear, some people do not fear, and I don't know what they use to explain that term in psychology, but then, there are always two answers to everything, it's either this or either that, there's never a grey moment.

"I'm not trap in here with you" versus "You're trapped in here with me"


Still fresh in mind for watchmen. Class for entrepreneurship was fun, got new group mates for the whole semester, got to go people, preparing for finance class tomorrow morning. Ciao.

Good day and Goodnight.

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