Saturday, February 21, 2009

GTA IV, Need for Speed, Call of Duty, X Blade,

A week of gaming, guess what? I did told some people that I want to play until I get seizure, and yeap, I wanna game to the extreme, and the experience was surprisingly, different from what I have expected. Every game played is a story behind the creator which I notice, or may it be my thoughts on why this person created the game. The story teller for instance, the passion he has for him or her to create this story.

Mixing up the facts adding a little narrator's ending, the good ending. Life is just like a game, but too bad life does not have the restart button. Gaming without having to think that there is a restart really makes the game more interesting.

1st: You have to think of the timing, every decision made in the game does reflect on how you live your life.
2nd: You have to think whether should you proceed or should you stay. Life is always about choice isn't it? Who forces you to make the move? No one but yourself.

Well, the 1st and 2nd is all about choice. For me, trying out different games reflects on my own life. It would be really interesting to study people on the 3rd person's point of view. Imagine you looking at yourself from the side while you're gaming, or when you're blogging. Who do you see? What would you comment on the person you're looking at?

United States of America. Far it is.


Good day, goodnight.

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