Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This Chinese New Year

Once upon a time, there was a boy who's name was Richard, born on the day of 19th of October, who's introduced to the world by the closest of his own kind, the humans, which they called their own clan a family. The times when he was young was really happy moments with the brother as the 2 of them had an age difference of 3 years.

What Richard's parents gave him and the brother was only the best among the best. But at the same time they did not pampered them. Richard and George's mother, who named the 2 sons after the Kings of England was a very loving lady, who's temper was one of the ways she shows her love to their 2 sons.


And the story continues from the 1st person's point of view. So as time goes by, we humans do need things to keep the mind off to do something which they would think that the oppurtunity cost is higher, the trade off is what they want. So, one day in LowYat Plaza, after dim sum with my parents. 4th brother, George and I decided to look for a new modem to be placed in Ah Ma's house.

And eventually, when we walked passed the console games area, the 2 of us having the same thought, but it was when George called my name:"brother.." and then I replied:"okay, let's get the ps3" To think that this brother do not know what I am thinking, is not that true as well, sometimes we do really click and it was always about the games.

And so, we got it. The playstation 3. It was definitely a beauty. With lots of cool features in it. Although you are only able to afford original games like one game per month? But in fact, after buying and playing orignal games, I do experience that having only a game at a time is more fun than having lots of games but you get confused until you do not know which one to go through 1st.

So I really do encourage originals over pirated games. And of course original do comes with lots of freebies, posters, the ticket to experience multiplayer online gaming in competing with players world wide and all that.

Viewing my blog on the big ass screen TV. It is somehow, freaking cool for the 1st time. Lol.

Now this is just the beggining.
Good day, Good Year ahead, Goodnight. =)


NicholasZx said...

wtf~ what story is that?XD
anyway~ nice post though~

sokteng said...

ps3 freak