Thursday, February 14, 2008

The world is screwed nowadays

don't know what to blog about now..

lol.. it's like i don't feel any feelings in me now except those happy thought when i'm with my crazy cousins.. everyone of them is well, sort of an adult now, all the same channel, but sometimes george can't tune in lar.. cannot blame him also.. 18 years old also haven't reach.. but one thing about him is that he is very capable of doing things responsibily.

everything happened so fast.. the same thing repeats itself, history repeats itself, always, but sometimes the leaders make changes, sometimes things just have got to change.. this is how life should be, i changed for the good. my parents wished that i concentrate in my studies 1st, only after studying i will have my freedom to choose.

hey people, i get to go to taiwan!!!!!!!! yeah!~!~!!!
any suggestions where and what should i do on my free day trip??


on monday, me and kam went to ym's place, gong hei fat choi ym's mum lor, thought no one was at home.. lol.. ym's mommy used the same scene to welcome kam and i to her house.. lol.. act like no one was at home, then after about 5 minutes she suddenly say something from upstairs.. then i was like.. :"ym, i thought u say ur mum went out already? why's she still upstairs.." haha..
later that we went to mcdonalds.. great suggestion by ym because yeah, eveyrone's still in new year's mood, the shops wont open and by that time we go looking for the shops, we're all already hungry and frustrated.


not long after (probably 16 hours later), the cousins were like all went to jusco, cheras selatan to watch "meet the spartans", i don't know lar, but i don't like the movie lor.. wasted my money there, but the time spent with the cousins are definitely priceless, this is because 1 hour after the movie we're like in low yat, 4 siew bought an Asus, i can see that he really like it, alot. that's the only entertainment he has in sg snail. and hopefully the neighbour turns on his/her wireless network everytime har..


it's like a cyber cafe now in ah ma's place, owning, i just finished Age of Empires III, 4 players versus the computers.. not bad lar, we learn from each other without having to play the training programs.. lol.. the graphics are seriously damn real lor.. can't wait for starcraft 2, so again we look for the older starcraft.. bou dou mei lou lar we all.. haha.. still can own the computers.. but then if wanna play strategy with people must again train liao lor.. but now hor.. not enough time.. so own computer can liao lar.. haha..


i did tell u guys i bought the mahjong for 4 people right? 250rm, george 100; i 150, but i think we only played for like 3 days, that's it. nin chor 1, 2 & 3.. haha.. mm dim.. then now it's the adults that are enjoying the tiles.. not bad not bad.. learnt a few skills from them i suppose that george.. he knows how to count the money already man.. but not pro yet lar.. still consider geng.. playing taiwan version of mahjong i think can go taiwan mahjong house and see how the pros really play laio.. lol.. (too much kung fu mahjong)


okay lar, good day and goodnight people..
lamers gathering this saturday night.. 10pm..
RSVP -richardlow-

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