Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Silence; The Peace

When you see that the water isn't moving at the surface, does that mean nothing is moving beneath it? Some creatures are just lurking underneath the calm waters, people with a good heart jumps into the water and tries to swim in it.. When others just tell that person the water is dangerous, do not jump in it, the person just jumps into it because he took the "not" away from the "do not jump in it" sentence..

And yes, when the person swam into the middle of the waters, the creature swims up from beneath and drags that person down under, devouring it inside it's stomach, the good hearted person just screams from in within the stomach, he thought that he could get away from that stomach easily, he thinks that he could have just sliced that creature's stomach open with his knife, but without knowing it, he forgot that he left his knife at the side of the waters, with the clan..

after devouring half way, the good hearted person, the creature feels that this person is salty and that creature does not favour the taste in within this person's flesh.. from the stomach full of slime and saliva, the creature spits the good hearted guy out of it back to the norm, the good hearted person had survive this monstrous incident..

then the good hearted guy joins the clan again, the clan 1st rejects the smell of the monster's slime and saliva, that is all over this guy, that odour, those scars that cuts the skin near to the heart reminds the villages of the incident.. of all the things people have is the heart made of flesh, the heart that is forgiving and accepting, this is what God has created human beings as, as forgiving as God can be, the humans do the same thing, all over and over again..


okay people, you guys must be wondering... :"what the hell orh richardlow.." so suddenly this guy likes to tell stories.. like children's story like that.. " well.. i just typed that out myself.. it is 12am at night now, the silence; the peace..

gOoD Day and GoOdniGhT

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