Monday, March 03, 2008


They always ask why do the rich always get rich and why do the poor, or well, the middle class stays the same way they are, well.. the question here is,

why does the owner of the business get all the profit?
anyone wondered why does the owner gets all the profit while everyone working for and sharing those moments of hard time for him, only gets that tiny bit of allowance and wage?
do you ask that question why your paycheque is so low?
why have you worked so hard and you've contributed ideas of change, innovations, you get that little pay?

why? why? and why?!?~~??


why do the accountants and managers know all the amount of profits but they too only make little noise about it? that the boss enjoys every single cent from it? have you asked why?


will it be too late to ask all the whys in this stage of life? everyday there are changes, if you do not know the answer to the questions, they turn out to be misunderstandings, but if you get to know why did it happened and what cause it? it would really relax your brain.

i use to have this doubt that where would i be after my degree, what direction i am heading to, what are my backup plans, why am i studying and other people are already working, these doubts have become my motive for working it out in sg snail.

i am like, i need directions, at least something to guide me to where will i be heading to if i want that thing..


to be continue about my i don't know complaint what, just want to speak. and it's raining hell now.. damn.. gtg..

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