Thursday, March 20, 2008


"Thinking a lot and planning ahead are often the signs of intellectual integrity. Be careful, though, that your mental muscles are not pumping up too much blood for your own satisfaction.

Remember the old story of the centipede, when asked about how it could coordinate its hundreds of feet to walk? Pausing to think about it, the poor creature grew paralyzed.
Some things in the whirlpool of life are better left to Intuition...and less to Analysis."

I know I'm not alone, but like what the quiz results tells me, somethings in the Whirlpool of life are better left to Intuition and less to analysis. Maybe I'm being brought up this way, i think before i speak much, or maybe it was because when i was a little kid that time people often ask me to stop being so talkative.

Now i fully understand that a child's development really hits them hard when they're young, the scars are the deepest, and yes, i truly say yes to canning, well, the normal hit the hand thing, but not the extreme one. Kids who get canned, grow up to be better people. Not to say that kids who do not get canned don't, i have friends who don't get canned in their life!


Tell me, who doesn't get canned? You? Do leave this post a comment. Boy or Girl, it is the same.

This is the Chinese culture, you wanna compare to the westernized culture, so be it, watch Russell Peters, that fella has serious meanings behind his jokes. Half truths and half exaggerations.

So is really 1 + 1 = 2? Is there really 1 or 2 in the beginning?

I feel like this now. Two Third Empty.



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