Friday, March 14, 2008

Day 3 (On Construction due to the buziness of shopping in Taipei!!)

Levi's Advert in Taiwan - Quiet Streets in the outskirt area


Today’s day 3 in Taiwan, it’s definitely a very tiring day as we just slept at 2am last night, gambled with my cousins, well, not the Low Family side of them but the cousins of the aunts’. That’s not the problem of course; they’re very out-going as we’re still closely related.

Salt Hill - With the wild boar at the middle left corner

Canon @ Chimei Museum, the place where the boss stores his arts and music materials

We had buffet for breakfast, although I can’t seem to find my nasi lemak breakfast, there is still waffle, scramble eggs, Taiwan sausage and ham. The normal American style of cereal with milk. That’s a healthy course of breakfast to start the day.


Family Potrait - The River that leads to the Pacific Ocean

Scenary Shot - On the Bus


We went to a lot of places, passing by bus only unfortunately, but thank goodness the Lumix loads very fast (to start the camera of course). I managed to capture shots even though the bus was moving. I think it would be harder for me if I were to use the N95 for moving shots.

Train to 花莲 city in Taiwan - View of the land, ocean and the clouds


I did not have Wi-Fi yesterday, it’s very disappointing, had too much expectation on 90% of the zones that should be on Wi-Fi. I love the way we gamble in the train. We have some luggage bags on the floor, connecting 8 seats together with my aunts and cousins playing while my dad, the usual banker plays no matter how hard it seem it would be.

My cousins started out Texas Poker with George on the Airplane! George owned one of my cousin about 100rm. It is kind of big because it’s like, 100 bucks? Hello… and that is only day 1. It is really fun because we know that the money still runs inside the family. Lol… so 100 bucks is erm… drips of water.

You should really see where I am blogging now, next to the window where the cold winds of the ocean blows into the room, giving you that cool breeze until there is no need for the air conditioning.

Everyone is relieved that it is over. You’re stuck in box 9, from platform 3 we depart. 花莲,after 5 hours of train ride from 高雄. It’s like duty-free everywhere here in Taiwan. The liquors are so damn cheap and they.


Good day and Goodnight
I miss my n95

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