Monday, March 24, 2008


Okay people, imagine anime, then imagine question marks of ??? ??? ??? all over their heads.

that's my thoughts and feelings now.. kam told me it's after shock syndrome.. lol.. i guess that is so also gua.. when you're sitting in front of the computer, trying to write down something that has been on your mind for the past few hours, you forgot what to write, or maybe, you do not know how to start off with it.

the mind just went blank.. it's like.. Dooot~~~~~~~~~ (infinity)


oh ya, if you guys haven't watch that old movie "the warlords" by Jet Li, Andy Lau and 金城武, go watch it, although i dulan the ending, and all those things the people do in there, but it's still nice la. rating, 3.3 out of 5

a wasted Sunday afternoon, woke up at 12pm, not a very healthy sign eh..

stupid roof, while i was gaming, it rained, so never mind la, let it rain, then my mom was like :" wei, you sure your room the ceiling not dripping with water ar? go and check la"

i was like:"aiya, nothing one la, (continuing with my zeus zapping the enemy shuang shuang with my cousins)" [then don't know why, suddenly i just went upstairs to check my room] !!!! HL~~~~!!~~!!

--after war--

gonna move to the next room, hopefully this time i shall have me own room.. muahahahahaha~~


that glass that caught my attention when i was in pavilion, i guess some of you might have been victims of that glass. why? because i saw 2 ladies, just standing in front of it, talking, and wondering :"why this automatic sliding door isn't opening??!~!! (cursing++*&&^^%)"

and then later they're like, no sensor, [diu - 中技]


blue martini in Tony Roma's, (taste really like cough medicine)

not bad la the food there, I've ordered grill pacific cod fish, yummy yummy~ although it's not fried or what, but when the juice from the meat melts in your tongue, you can't resists for another second bite, the side dishes are not bad as I've ordered rice and fresh vegetables.

some of you might think what kind of fella goes to for western food but orders rice and fresh vegetables.. like any other typical Chinese, maybe I've inherited the "must have rice for dinner" syndrome from my grandparents. =)

it's yellow rice and broccoli, just before the dish lands in front of me, i can smell the aroma coming from the rice one feet away, that is how nice the aroma of the rice, even before you reach it with your spoon, you can feel your saliva watering your mouth.


here comes the lamb, my family doesn't take beef, the lamers will always remember that i cheated on them with the beef 1901 Chicago beef hot dog, every time they remind me of that, i will surely be like.. ... ... ...

despite the slimy mint sauce, the lamb is exquisite~! yummy yummy~~ ^^



i will never understand why when i always wanted to start my revision in the morning i will have to blog 1st, now let's see, 45 minutes given to this post.

Good day people and Goodnight

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