Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Taiwan Day 1 90% Wi-fi Zone

Hong Kong International Airport

Haven't board the plane "talk talk talk, send send send, read read read 1st"
I’m blogging in the bus now, 3 hours to our destination, which is our hotel... 3 hours from the airport. I wanted to try blogging on the plane, because when blogger’s blog, I believe all they need is the feel. When the feel is there, they can write anything they want whatever that runs in their mind.

Well, I was on board with Cathay Pacific, the stewardess are damn pretty la of course, that’s the whole package wor ms say. Loll, but whatever, the vegetarian food is nice, I get my can of coke, the view next to me is all but sunlight and bundles of thick white clouds. How I wish I have someone with me by my side to catch this breathtaking scene.

Xin-dee is next to me reading what am I writing, that’s so lame. Anyway, ignoring her, I continue with my essay. Lol… everyone’s in the bus singing their favorite oldies picked by George Low! He seriously owns the bus man tonight. New age to the oldies, it’s really fun when the whole bus is all your own people.

Oh ya, back to the plane, Cathay was like, everything, I’m not advertising for them, but I think it has been a long time since i've last had my engagement with them. They have movies, TV series, music, games and even a camera view underneath the plane. You can see everything under the plane just in front the screen of you.

While you’re sipping that coke, Lee Hom’s voice brings you into relaxation, even though that election paper is somehow, very interesting, you tend to doze off with the music.

Without my 1st wife with me, I feel so lonely (N95 baby). I borrowed an old girlfriend from my mom (Lumix). With here I am with my 3rd wife, the only honey with me I have in this Taiwan Wedding Trip (My newly-wed XPS). My 1st wife is at home doing my recording on my homework; while I enjoy here all alone, my bad. It’s all about polygamy. Guess who my 2nd wife is.

2338, ETA 20 minutes. 槟榔 shops are everywhere here in Taiwan, and well, the 槟榔妹 are like, everywhere also. I wonder why those hotels are having in there, Love Hotel, Taiwan Version. TBC.
Good day and Goodnight People

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