Monday, March 24, 2008

~~FoOd~~ Taiwan Wedding Trip

~~STARBUCKS!!!!! ~~
-Don't leave me alone-


~~7 Eleven Taipei~~



~Arrival Dinner~
~Healthy Food!~

~Even 7 Elevens in Taiwan!~

~Lamb 十全排骨 Soup~

Excellent! Just what I'm looking forward to, lamb... mm~~ mm~~

~Pork 十全排骨 Soup~

Can compare with 肉骨茶, just the type of soup they use another kind of herbs. Must try if you're in Taipei.


The taste is crispy, the smell is, well, we're Malaysian, you eat durian, this is nothing for you.

Sometimes when you eat right, they tell you, 10 yuan, you'll be like, my god, so expensive, then again, you're brain turns abit the slow, it'll tell you:"Halo! You're in Taiwan mind you?!"


Below I present to you, the food served during my cousin sister's wedding lunch.

Behold the ice sculpture, I'm serious, it's a fish sculpt with Ice. Or should I say it's Ice sculpted with the shape of a fish.

-You guess it right, it's 炸汤圆-

~champagne served with chill fruits~

To tell the truth, I don't really like what the food the tour guide brings us to eat. Some! are really nice, but SOME!! ewww... mm dim... But of course, the pictures I show below taste really nice.

Even the watermelon also look more yeng!

Vegetarian Buffet, seriously, lots of dishes to choose from.




The Pizza Hut SUCKS in TAIWAN!!!
I don't have a choice because there are vegetarian members in my family, therefore we dine in and ordered one vegetarian pizza, one seafood pizza and one chicken peperoni pizza. All of them suck, but the worst of all is the seafood pizza, I can't taste anything but the Tabasco sauce, the cheese flakes and the chili powder.

Good Day and GoOdnight

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