Saturday, March 29, 2008

So many things..

to blog about, everything looks like a topic to me.. to every blogger, what you see, is what you plan to blog about, it's all about using all your 6 senses.
Double Up that Rum Raisin with the sweet caramel and corn, the melting warm chocolate, that waffle with the crispy bite, which all that gets your saliva mixing up. Imagine when you have that sweet warm chocolate swimming through your taste buds. Chocolate has never been so seriously damn freaking mouth watering. Munching on that hot waffle with that icy cold bite of the Rum Raisin, I would have forgot how rum taste like. Baskin Robins 31 will never be the same again with BR cafe.


replying to Wan Wen's tagging from her blog:

I have these things inside my backpack which i bring to college:

It's just another Nike. Bought it from Taiwan.

My Girlfriend - My White Dell XPS

Her wiring, adapter,

My usb port adapter for my wife, my N95,

My Casio calculator fx-570ms,

My pencil casing [which I have, 3 highlighters, and a few combinations of pens(I think I have more pens than girls lor)],

& My little no brand mouse.

The Front Compartment: Introducing

My Wallet from Topshop (birthday present from Rahul - Taylorians)

My 256MB Pendrive and 4GB Scandisk thumb drive

My girlfriend's "ears", Creative Audio Sound Block Earphones (I use it with my N95 when I'm studying in my grandparent's house where the little kids are always running around me)

And the textbooks, notes and foolscap papers.


Good day and goodnight people

Tomorrow is "fai dit run up the hil day"

And I want my 笑谈广东话CD BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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