Friday, March 07, 2008


lol.. i really don't know what to say man about elections.. it's like damn lame.. you bite me, i bite you, you blow me i dig you.. the picture below if u don't know what am i talking about.. but hor, if you want to tell a story from the pictures hor... let me tell u a story, just a metaphor, okay, let's say la, because i think too much, so i just wanna say what i think.

have you ever thought of what are those people planting? or what are they hiding? (it's just a metaphor, don't come and kacau me, I'm not talking about you or you, want to read then read, don't like it, then leave this blog alone)

i know it's really damn hard for people to decide who to vote for.. it's like so hard for one to get up from a big fall, who has ended up in jail, which indeed, the public who doesn't know any reasons behind that bar, or behind that walls of the building with weird holes..

then seriously, the question again is here, why do the rich get richer and the poor, just stays the same? this is because.. the rich, has the money to hold your balls, and ask you to work, and do this do that, it is like that, you don't have money, or you want something badly, people tend to take advantage of what you're doing, that is, well, to some people.


but you see, people who zha the balls are people who are too smart or too stupid. they know how to make it look as if nothing has happened, but those who are stupid, well, they tend to use force, and by force i mean, like spraying red buncho colors on the people's gates, something like that, they use the forces of the darkside.


Supporters have no right to stop buses, check ICs

KUALA LUMPUR: Police have advised supporters of political parties that they have no right to stop buses or check the identity cards of members of the public who are in buses or those going to vote.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan warned that police would arrest anyone who carried out such an illegal act including stopping buses and checking them.

"We can charge them with rioting, public disorder, illegal confinement and even with criminal intimidation.

"Do not take the law into your own hands. Lodge police reports if you are not satisfied and we will investigate,'' he said here on Friday.

Musa assured that the police had the situation under control and urged the public to come out and vote without fearing for their safety.

He added that policemen would be stationed at all polling centres nationwide and that they knew and had been briefed on their job responsibilities.


when you see news like that what will you think of? safety of course!! so people!! voters!! friends and family members!! safety 1st! don't act like aunt Merriam Chik on election day please.. no use..


good day and goodnight!

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