Sunday, March 30, 2008

Faster run up Hill Day; Grandma's Birthday

"Faster run up Hill Day", hot sunny Sunday morning, woke up at 6am in the morning, everyone getting ready for their trip to nirvana memorial park in nilai. Damn it's seriously freaking far because of the jam there. It took nearly 2 hours when we got there, and it is not really comfortable with 4 people sitting in the hilux when I can't manage to sleep properly in the car. So yea, stuck up earphones to my ears, and listen to my favourite songs from my N95.

I know I am weird, blogging about 清明节, i guess it's nothing that really serious right? As we did write about 清明节 when we're in primary school. So yea, that's my grandpa's tomb. As the family members slowly gathering around it.

And of course, like I've said, it is a very sunny Sunday. The sun is up, the weather is hot. The brothers went for umbrella hunting, lol.. We keep our eyes open as we pay attention to the people leaving the place already.

And there you go, 四少 and George running back with the umbrella. Hurry! and we manage to get ourselves 3 freaking big umbrellas.

Erm, yea, the money papers for the dead. Colorful though, those people who create these kind of papers really have that idea of how to make it look more cheerful.

And yea~ Hell Notes... lol.. Looking Cool with it eh brothers... hahaha..

The 富贵花 macro shot by the N95...

When we're on the way back, we passed by a cemetery inside the jungle, where the grass are taller than it seems, i took this picture because i saw an ice-cream man on a motorbike, selling ice-cream in front of the cemetery.

AND!! he is using the bell, making those sounds of cling cling cling [you know when what's 僵尸right? and the ice-cream man is like the 道士]~~~~ lol..

End of 清明节 trip to Nirvana Memorial Park


Dinner at night; Grandma's birthday @ Nobel House


Small Little Pond - The Fan and the Water makes the room temperature cooler.

Little gathering of friends and family members of my grandparents.

Sipping that red wine makes my bloodstream flowing smoothly, as I did not really feel the effect of alcohol this time compared to those whiskies I have drank during Chinese New Year.

Seriously, it's food again, I like those Chinese dishes when at 1st they would serve a mixture of chill and warm food. The best part of this dish is the little mini octopus and jellyfish. I'm sure it has been every one's favourite. Long time didn't go lok lok already, eat the octopus here also not bad actually. It's very tasty. Yummy yummy~~

Protect the sharks and their fins. Presenting to you the sharks fins soup served with seafood and crab minced meat. A little suggestion instead of using 醋 for the extra taste, try using a little red wine. Mix it up with the soup and you'll know what I'm trying to describe here. The taste of the soup is exquisite. Delicious-- =)

One of the best dishes of the evening, the chicken served with vegetables. Look and see for yourself as that chicken is already so appealing that you would want to grab that bite now! THIS time when you're reading this paragraph!! UMPH!! I can still remember how that chicken taste like~

Fish served with soy sauce. Those white meat of the fish, mixed with a little soy sauce, giam giam de taste, really, makes you feel like:"I want another piece of that fish"

寿面- The tastiest one I have ever tasted in my entire life. I do not know what they mix in it, but there are minced chicken and crab meat. Adding a little onions, that slurp of the mee was like, my goodness, is that all of that mee on the table?


Good day and Goodnight People

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