Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sucky Feeling

it does suck to have a good friend as your girlfriend, my goodness.. yeah.. that's the fact.. I don't know about you guys, but this feeling does really suck after breakup.. I didn't hope for this day to come but it came.. it has been I don't really know weeks or months this dilemma ended.. it does take time to chill and forget..

come to think of it, I'm really happy it ended, at least I have found myself and what I really want in my life today, it does feel lonely to be alone, but it is freedom that makes a person attractive.. I've read an explanation of the roles of a boyfriend and the role of a friend..

come to think of it, it does make sense. simple example, friends rot with you, but your partner does not let you rot.. rot i mean, hang out together and just forget about assignments, there's always tmrw thing, that's called a friend.. but your partner will be like, hey, have you done your assignment or not ar?

and if you're sick, your friend, calls you and ask if you wanna go clubbing or not, then when you say you're sick, the friend says:"aiya, sick everytime also can fall sick one la, who knows you'll meet someone in the club.." [your expression now should be:"wtf??"]

BUT! the partner will be like, hey darling, drink more water ar, get more rest.. maybe the partner will be even by your side when you're sick, and then, keep waking you up to drink water and when you feel like eating the chicken, the partner will say:"don't ar, not good ar," until the partner will nag you until so fan.. but of course, it's sweet at times..

and of course, the most common thing a friend does is that the friend only thinks about the present moment, and the line the friend uses:"live like there's no tomorrow!~" again, the partner is different this time, the partner has already plan the future, how to improve the partner him or herself for the happiness of the other partner. that is what the partner always have in mind.

well.. move on lor, those question marks on my head has finally disappeared. but still got a few of them lar, have to make space for them in order to survive.


GoOd day and goodnight people~

[This passage does not have anything got to do with my lamers and my other good friends; the friend i meant, was just a friend, with my own explaination of it, i mean a friend means(ask me if you think you're the friend)]

And yeah, it's April Fool's day

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